7 Peaceful Balcony Garden Pictures

7 Peaceful Balcony Garden Pictures

Homiful.com -- The design of a 2nd floor house with a balcony is often the target of many people. Its functional design makes the house more attractive. Especially if the balcony is used as a place of meditation, relax to a place with various favorite ornamental plants.

You can make the 2nd floor balcony garden easily to make the residence cooler and more beautiful. So as not to be curious about the design, here 7 Images of a Peaceful Balcony Garden that you can make an example.

Balcony with colorful plants


The design of a narrow balcony will not eliminate your creativity in arranging the area. You can use a simple way and a festive balcony look like the picture above. You can choose ornamental plants with colorful flowers to display along the balcony of the house.

Beautiful Moroccan balcony


Moroccan style balcony design this time display bright colors that are pointed at the decor. In addition to just being used as a place to plant, this balcony you can use as a relaxing spot in the afternoon. Place one corner sofa with padding and a table. For the productivity of the balcony if used as a workspace, you can add other work completeness such as comfortable tables and chairs.

Tropical balcony


The village of the balcony that can be opened is very flexible to be used as a place for plants. Filled with dense ornamental plants. This balcony only has a small size, but both sides of the access are beautified with ornamental plants so that the welcomes can be felt when going to this balcony.

Narrow balcony


Do you have a narrow balcony on the 2nd floor? Don't worry, you can create a narrow balcony design with fresh greenery. Some hanging plants and embedded in pots can be used as decoration around the balcony to make it more alive and refreshing. Even though the size is small, put corner furniture with the right size to look more balanced.

Classic balcony garden


Carrying a beautiful classic concept, this balcony is easy for you to try to arrange the arrangement. Use a chair to beautify the appearance of the balcony, you can put plants along the fence of the balcony area that is still wide.

Balcony with productive plants


Having a large or small balcony is not a difficult thing. You can choose to be used as a place for ornamental plants or as a place for productive plants only. If for productive plants, you can model the design of the balcony above. Combine it with ornamental plants to add a beautiful and more impression.

Open balcony full of plants in small pots


The design of a fresh open balcony and look full like this is very profitable if you make an ornamental plant place. A number of small pots that line up neatly for this planting medium will provide a fresh atmosphere more soothing. By using the concept of an open balcony, plants will get a full intake of sunlight and water that corresponds to the fog.

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