7 Most Popular Small Roof Terrace Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- The flat area at the top of the house building can be designed with various functions, one of them is as a small roof terrace design. A small roof terrace design can be a great place for relaxing. Small roof terrace certainly presents a different relaxing experience than the usual terrace. The fresh breeze will be more pronounced by being at a certain altitude from the ground. Moreover, seeing the city view or outdoor landscaping from small terrace can also be a medium to relieve your fatigue or tiredness.

In this article, we will share 7 Most Popular Small Roof Terrace Design Ideas. These ideas will help you to design a cozy small roof terrace, improve the look of your small roof terrace as well.

Create a cozy vibe into small roof terrace design

Spending the weekend doesn't have to go anywhere. A small roof terrace that is made maximally comfortable can be a destination to find a refreshing atmosphere. This roof terrace seating is protected by a metal canopy roof, which protects the seating from the heat of sun and raindrops.
Warm and cozy atmosphere is presented from the installation of waterproof LED string lights. A unique pendant lamp is also suitable for decorating this small roof terrace. If you have children, you can also put a mini slides. That way, your children won't get bored when you intend to spend the weekend in this small roof terrace.

Small roof terrace in the middle of the city


Relaxing so much more fun to do on the small roof terrace. You can design it with the order as above. This terrace is equipped with chairs and benches that can accommodate more people. In the middle of the area, a fountain pool is placed to add freshness to the terrace area. Not only the comfy seating set, the collection of pet birds can also be placed in the same area by utilizing the roof frame of this rooftop terrace. Relaxing while seeing the hustle and bustle of the city from the rooftop will be easier to realize.

Make it as a garden


Running out of space for gardening? Take a look at your small roof terrace. Instead of looking so plain and empty, use it as your green garden. In this place, you can put various of greenery in various plant holder. Make it greener by rolling grass carpets on the floor of a small roof terrace. Don't forget to present an adequate seating as place to rest and enjoy this small garden roof.

Comfy seating for a comfortable small roof terrace


When you've decided to make a small roof terrace as a relaxing place, don't forget to choose a comfy seating. A comfy seating make you able to enjoy the outdoor landscaping more comfortable. You can even put some soft cushions on the sofa to provide an extra comfortable seating at the small roof terrace.

A stylish small roof terrace with a Jacuzzi


Hey, do you know that you can make a small roof terrace feel like an exclusive penthouse? If the condition of the roof terrace and the climate of your region is adequate, you can make it happen. Build a small Jacuzzi  with wooden decking around it.  A Jacuzzi work as medium for hydrotherapy, pleasure and relaxation that make you feel better. 

Keep it simple


A simple but well-function small roof terrace is also a good idea for those of you who like simplicity. You can even make a cozy small roof terrace with simple arrangement. You just need to bring the grass-style green rug on the terrace floor. Bring out a comfy futon for seating to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea in the small roof terrace.

Make it as a minimalist picnic spot


Dusk and dawn are the best times to relax on the small roof terrace. You can enjoy a fresh and meaningful atmosphere. Bring a soft carpet with padded pillows to enjoy the atmosphere of the dusk. It is also a great idea to bring in a swing chair. Decorate the small roof terrace with some affordable plants. If you have a spacious roof terrace, even a family occasion can be held in this roof terrace.

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