7 Modern Decor Ideas for Your Living Room

Homiful.com -- The living room may be the center of your home. If so, don't let the living room look so outdated, and make you bored to linger there. When you feel bored with the look and the vibe of your living room, try to give a touch of the latest decoration ideas. You can make the living room look modern, chic and comfortable. 

Get creative with your living room with these 7 Modern Decor Ideas for Your Living Room.

1. Invest in the walls


Make the wall as a focal point in the living room. In addition to furniture, it is worth to invest in the walls. You add some pattern on the wall by applying affordable patterned-wallpaper. Try replacing an ordinary wall clock with a sticky wall clock model like this one. The design that blends into the wall and its large size, making the wall look more special.

2. Mix Vintage and Tropical Vibe


Sage green, velvet sofa and a table in the shape of a treasure box, all of these give a vintage impression to the living room above. A touch of timeless decor items that can also modernize the look of this living room. An easy and affordable timeless decor item is plants. You can place the plants in some spot. The plants also add a splash of life to this living room.

3. Invest in the sofa and cushions


A long-term form of investment for a modern living room is the selection of sofa models. You can choose a more modern type of sofa, such as an L-shape sectional sofa. This sofa creates the best living room seating arrangement, usually 3-5 pieces. Choose the best sofa color. The impression of modern minimalism comes from white walls and gray sofas. Beautify the room with cushions in colorful contrast with the sofa color.

4. Have fun with color


Speaking of color is not just a matter of visuals. Because color can affect behavior, discomfort psychologically. Make sure you choose the best color for your modern living room design. You can create a living room that look bright and provide maximum comfort. The choice of turquoise sofa, yellow stool, beige curtain and green door makes the room look so stunning. Add children artwork in the living room is also a good idea to make the space more meaningful. 

5. Add unique planter


Pink fabulous sofa, pretty neon pink tray and all things pink give it awesome look. Add something unique to make the living room more attractive. Why not try to place leopard planter on your living room? The pink leopard planter will give a big statement on the living space. This way, the pink living room feel more special and unique.

6. Awesome pattern for awesome look


Add some fancy with asymmetrical geometric pattern for your living room. Those pattern look so good on rug, sofa holster, cushions, tablecloth to wall decor items. The combination of colors and patterns able to enliven the atmosphere of the living room. 

7. Find ideal coffee table


A coffee table has important functional on your living room. It helps you support beverages for the guest and a place to display decorative items. Choose the perfect coffee table that match with other furniture. If you already pick a couch and rattan chairs, you can choose rattan and glass coffee table for more harmonious look in the living room.

That's all for 7 Modern Decor Ideas for Your Living Room. Those ideas encourage you to upgrade the look and style of your living room.

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