7 Lovely & Functional Small Terrace Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- Don't be discouraged if you have such a small terrace. In fact, a small terrace can turn into a stunning and functional outdoor space. A small terrace is the best place to enjoy the outdoor scenery, the best place to care for your favorite plants and more. Well, all the best things you can get when you create a small terrace in lovely and best design. If you need some inspirations how to turn a plain terrace into a stunning and functional terrace, here are 7 Lovely & Functional Small Terrace Design Ideas.

Small corner terrace design to enjoy the evening


The terrace can be a fun outdoor conversation place. You don't have to over-design it. Just place comfy chairs and small wooden table on a small terrace. A small terrace overlooking the outdoor garden is very suitable to spend the evening and start a casual conversation.

Small terrace design with wooden deck

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No matter how beautiful it is, but if you don't have a proper terrace decking, a small terrace won't feel so comfy. For a simple and functional small terrace, you can choose wooden deck. Wooden deck is easy to install and make a terrace look harmonious with the green rug around it. For a lovely terrace design, decorate the terrace with simple but stunning decor such as string lights or houseplants.

Lighting that add a big impact

A small terrace with wooden deck and L-shaped bench, quite functional. But if you need to add some wow factor to enhance the visual appealing. One of the most lovely and functional steps are installing a proper lighting on the terrace. Try to choose pendant lamps with dim light. The dim light creates a warm and soothing vibe to this small terrace. 

Small terrace design as a house for plants


A functional terrace can be used as a home for your plants. An outdoor space with adequate natural light and fresh breeze, it is the kind of the best place to care for your plants. You can take care of small plants or plants shoots in this place. Provide a seat, so you can also relax in this small terrace. With this lovely and functional small terrace design, you don't need to have a greenhouse to take care of your plants.

Thematic small terrace design


To have small but stunning terrace, you can choose a specific theme as the main visual of your terrace. For example, a terrace above. This terrace brings out a terracotta theme to make it look so earthy yet so stunning. The terracotta theme is well applied on the wall paint, flooring to plant pot. All of them make a small terrace have such a harmonious look.

Cozy and rustic small terrace design


Another thematic small terrace design. It brings out the rustic vibe to this small terrace. The rustic impression is especially visible on the terrace fence, roof terrace and some decorations. To create a cozy atmosphere, the owner choose to cover up the seating with throws and cushions.

Beautiful small terrace design


Living in a cold area, it feels lazy to spend time outdoors, terrace for example. But this is no longer an excuse when you design your small terrace like this beautiful terrace. All the elements that warm the soul and body are placed on the terrace. For example, a sofa with soft padding and warm lights. 

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