7 Lively Green Kitchen Design Ideas


Homiful.com -- Having a cool kitchen is a dream for many people. The choice of interior theme colors becomes something that should not be missed when you design a kitchen. Because color ha a strong influence on a person's mood, it will indirectly affect cooking activities.

Kitchen with green shades is the best reference, for those of you who want a beautiful kitchen and cooler atmosphere. Here are 7 lively green kitchen design ideas that you can use as inspiration at home.

Fun green kitchen 


The first kitchen inspiration looked more alive with a bright green touch. Kitchen cabinets are made in bright green that makes the room's atmosphere more pleasant. Overall cooking equipment is alas dominated by the same color to get a more stunning kitchen look.

Simple green kitchen 


The following kitchen design is designed with a simple concept but still alluring. The interior of the wall is used in light green, which makes it look more refreshing. While the combination of white kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen cleaner and neater.

Green kitchen with transparent roof


To get around the limited space, you can use as transparent roof that allows natural lighting to enter optimally in the room. This helps make a small kitchen look wider and avoid the stuffy impression.

Green kitchen with attractive patterns


Kitchen interiors with green shades are increasingly in demand by many people. This may because the color green is identical to the natural element that refreshes the view. This kitchen uses ceramics with batik patterns that manage to make the kitchen look more beautiful.

Mint Green kitchen design 


Variations of mint green kitchen design become the best choice for those of you who want a cooler kitchen atmosphere. Combine it with white shades to make a small kitchen space look wider.

Minimalist green kitchen design


This minimalist green kitchen design is suitable for those of you who have a sized space that is not too spacious. This kitchen is made with an L-shape cabinet model that loos more functional. Refrigerator with wallpaper also makes the impression of a more beautiful kitchen.

Beautiful kitchen green Tosca


The last kitchen inspiration comes with beautiful Tosca green shades. The green color of Tosca has the ability to make the surrounding atmosphere feel more soothing. Your cooking activities become more fun.

That's 7 Lively green kitchen design ideas that you can apply at home. From some kitchen designs above, which one is your favorite kitchen?

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