7 Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens

7 Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens

Homiful.com -- Do not let a small space in the yard around your home limit creativity to show appeal to parts of the room. You have some landscaping ideas that you can inspire to get a beautiful, functional design. Although at a small and elongated size, you can make the idea of a garden look attractive like a garden in normal. Here are 7 Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens ready to help you find your inspiration.

Distract with a unique pathway


You can't leave an empty area in the yard without design and decoration. Create a path that looks like a step to provide interesting visuals. Distract with a beautiful pathway surrounded by ornamental grass throughout the yard.

Divide the park into two areas


To distinguish beautiful landscape design. You can use plants with a structure such as a screen. Distinguish with the rocks of the base along the road, such as deck, paving or pergola. A series of plants you can place on both sides of the road to make it look spacious.

Change with the concept of vertical garden


If the size of your garden is narrow, use the surrounding walls to be used as an attractive garden concept such as vertical garden. You can separate between other plants like this will create more plant growing space and look large.

Provide cool color contrast


When planning a narrow and elongated garden, you can not ignore the yard filled with ornamental grass. If the area is small, you can distinguish different contrast such as rocks to create the illusion of space that looks spacious.

Create a garden zone of various uses


In accordance with the small and elongated size of the garden, you can distinguish it from several zones. To distinguish between ornamental plants or  productive plants, you can make a large container by installing trellises at the top to let vines spread above.

Increase like a cliff


You can separate between landscaping with a height that is like a cliff narrow and open size, you can add high shrubs to fill the area with lands. Also add with the end seat of the area so that it looks functional.

Use street accents with elongated gars


Pathways that can break up growth between parks are made straight with the same difference, You can make the surface higher that the container part for an attractive and more natural look.

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