7 Landscaping Ideas for Front and Backyards

7 Landscaping Ideas for Front and Backyards 

Homiful.com -- To spend more time at home, why no use the outdoors in your home? You can expand the area by changing the garden or terrace to make it an inviting place. You can make landscaping an area for a short break while working at home. There are many design ideas for the back and front of the house that can be used well for exciting activities at home. Here are the tips and reviews!

Awesome landscape design Japanese style


One of the following landscape design uses a minimalist Japanese concept. The design in domiciled in wood element in the gazebo area of the house provides true tranquility to be used as a resting place. Do not forget for other element such as trails and plants or lighting at night. 

Comfortable sitting area


The backyard is a comfortable place for you to sit and relax with coffee or just refreshing for a moment. Provide a sofa or bench base with comfortable padded. Simple suits as swings or carpets can also add fresh effects. Moreover, the fence of the house made a tall model of this boxwood plant.

Invite the way


If you make landscaping in front or back of the house, do not forget to add a pathway around the door. A small garden that you can fill with herbs or flowers becomes a simple decoration to raise the level of your landscape at home. Add with furniture to provide a small landscape visual that is fresher and interesting.



The presence of fishponds around the landscape will give a different atmosphere. The size of a large pool made like a river dug, this you can put behind the house. Surrounded by soothing houseplants, you can add a beautiful pergola accent if light steel and also a solar tuff glass canopy for protection.

Tree house


Another strategy that you can try to make the rear landscaping of the house more pleasant is with a tree house. Complete components ranging from greening, water elements, natural components of wood materials to a combination of one for beautiful landscape design. Some furniture models such as swings you can put to add a comfortable effect when relaxing at home.

Patterned garden


So that the design of your garden at home looks aesthetic and beautiful. Make a square pattern that surrounds the area with boxwood plants. You can control between the land to the house building using natural rocks to provide more detailed contrast.

Swing as a seat


Seating for landscape design at home becomes one of the supporting and complementary ideas that area interesting. Open area with large land elongating fresh greens can be enjoyed in the afternoon. Add pillows for a padded and comfortable stand.

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