7 Interior Design Kitchen Set Ideas

Homiful.com -- A Kitchen set is a set of furniture and furnishings needed in building a kitchen. Consisting of several parts, the kitchen set is indeed a set of furniture that serves as a tool when preparing food and cooking, storage space for kitchen items, or has an aesthetic function that can be presented in a kitchen. 

Make sure you choose a kitchen set design that really suits you. A proper kitchen set will make you easier when you intend to cook. Don't choose the wrong kitchen set design for the kitchen, the wrong choice will sacrifice your comfort when cooking. Specially for you, here are, we've rounded up 7 Interior Design Kitchen Set Ideas.

Pay attention the the layout


When you choose a kitchen design, pay attention to its layout. Where is the best place for countertops, cabinetry, and services area? If your kitchen space is in the corner of the room, choosing a kitchen set order in L-shaped layout is the best idea. Like this L-shaped kitchen, this kind of kitchen meet every kitchen goals. Even if it looks minimalist, but it provides a more space that make the kitchen doesn't seem so cramped.

A touch of enlightening color


Consider the visuals of the kitchen that you want to present. Giving a touch of enlightening color to the kitchen set design will make the kitchen space look brighter. You can apply a touch of yellow color on the cabinetry. Combine the yellow things with white color. This color combination will make the kitchen look more cheerful and not so gloomy.

A kitchen set design for an open space


Having a small or minimalist home, somehow makes you have to design a kitchen with an open space concept. The kitchen will be seen as whole from other living spaces. For an open space concept, it is better to choose a kitchen set design that look enchanting and still make your space look spacious. For example, a kitchen set design with Scandinavian look, this kind of kitchen bring a warm and bright atmosphere to the  open space.

Rustic vintage look


Need something so unique for your kitchen design? Why not try a rustic vintage look kitchen. Some kitchen furniture is selected in rustic wood materials, with retro colors that are slightly worn out and faded. For comfort, you don't have to choose old-fashioned or vintage cookware. A high-end cookware can look right in this vintage rustic kitchen.

Modern kitchen set design


All wood, black and stainless steel will make your kitchen have a modern vibe with an elegant look. Even if your kitchen is small, all of these materials make a big impact in your kitchen space. By adding an island table for food preparing or sink area is the best choice to add a more preparation table on this small kitchen.

An elegant interior design


This kitchen design may be a dream for everyone. The size is quite spacious, with well-arranged kitchen furniture. A solid marble countertop makes the kitchen more precious than ever. Kitchen tone wrapped in white and silvery color that makes the kitchen have a bright warm look.

Kitchen furniture set design for corner kitchen


Having a corner kitchen space, you don't have to make an L-shaped kitchen layout. You can try with U-shaped kitchen layout. It will give you a more space as preparation table, cooking or doing dishes. You can make the U-shaped kitchen not too stiff. For example, by installing upper cabinets arranged somewhat curved, this way even a small kitchen will look more dynamic.

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