7 Inspiring Rooftop Garden Picture Form Instagram

7 Inspiring Rooftop Garden Picture Form Instagram

Homiful.com-- Do you have any space in the roof at home? If yes, why not to make it change for different look that are fresh and beautiful for relaxing on the weekend. Some inspiration from other social media like Instagram, Pinterest or Website always give the different picture for design rooftop that looks so amazing. But 7 Inspiring Rooftop Garden Picture Form Instagram will make your home so beautiful and give you energizing to start a brand new day. Let's see the inspiration on below!

Rooftop garden with elegance rock stone


First inspiration of this picture can you take that beautiful rooftop garden with bold nuances in every corner. From the sofa to  relax, you can add some plant and make it like a plot twist in different place. Combine with fishpond if you like, make a standpoint in center area for fishpond that around of rock stone.

Rooftop garden with wooden planters


For different look at the rooftop garden, big size with tropical nuances combination so look nice. Make a wooden planter for media plant or flower in the edge of the wall. More this, you can complete with wooden furniture for dining or party together with your family. 

Aesthetically rooftop garden with rattan hanging lamp


The display like an Instagram that look so amazing. This model of rooftop garden with nuances of earthy tone created by choosing of material rattan, wood, and plant for the decorations. This rooftop can design like a café outdoor with complement furniture chair, sofa, or table for relaxing. If you have a model rooftop like this, it would be better to rent out to increase income.

Mini green house on rooftop garden 


Make it simple and amazing for rooftop garden at home. You can make a garden with a high-sized wooden container model. Like a terracing with grass artificial to complement and good visual. If you want like an Instagram, let's see and make it different, use sofa or relax chair and coffee table.

Beautiful rooftop garden with love


It's so amazing with model panel love form wooden. Every flower plant is so easy to set up with natural lighting. The garden of the rooftop that is interesting you can make a safe playground for children.

Summer paradise on rooftop garden


Start a summer day with relaxing on a rooftop garden like this. Easy well to make it comfy, you can put sleeping chair as much as 2 or 3. For more, give a refresh plant that appropriate like cactus, golden photos or other plant.

Rooftop garden with sectional sofa for relax


For relaxing on holiday, you can enjoy it at home. Choose of rooftop area to enjoy weekend activities with family. You can make a small party or enjoy a barbecue with friends.


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