7 Great DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas

7 Great DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas

Homeshabby.com -- Make your garden look attractive than ever before you read 7 Great DIY Garden Focal Point Ideas below.

Having a small or large garden, it's okay to make the look spacious, beautiful and fun. You don't have to focus on all the park grounds that seem interesting. Just one part to design a more beautiful home garden.

Garden art flowers


Create the concept of your corner garden more interesting. Choose one type or two different type of plants and place them on an area that is still empty. You can add lights that are left hanging around on the park and connect between poles or tress.

Recycle box container 


The focal point of your small garden will be boring if the decor is not attractive on the usual. You can use container boxes to be used as a place for plants such as flower bushes or tall bushes in the corner of the roof garden.

Use wood furniture


If you find, the garden looks empty and strange. Try to add some furniture to relax around it. You can choose from used wood or chairs that have not been used for a long time.

Use containers of cement


Instead of used materials, you can use other materials at home to be used as pots or make pathway around the garden. Use cement as the main material used for the manufactured of plant containers. Starting ornamental rose, bonsai or palm you can place in this pot with a strong structure.

Wooden container


An easy way to make a focal point in a home garden is to use wood panels as plants containers. Make an elongated shape and full contents using  a tall blush to block the heat that is too extreme.

Flower garden


The best DIY that is easy to try, the following it the flower garden. You can make it easily from grouping plants of the same color in one place.

Unite with a fish pond


To make the most of the arrangement of the garden at home. Make an area with a fishpond made wood panels for road access and leave the land for tall plant such as shrubs or other ornamental flowers.

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