7 General Consideration in Living Room Design

7 General Consideration in Living Room Design

Homiful.com -- Living room is a very important space in a home, moreover when a lot of guest come to your home at special moments such as a birthday, Thanksgiving day, Christmas, and New Year. Thus, no wonder that of lot of people seek nee furniture to change the look of their interior to be more comfortable and trendy. The following are seven important consideration when designing your living room to be a comfortable space in your home.

Sofa and tables


The choice of sofas and tables should be adjusted to the design and theme of the overall design of your home, whether your home is in a modern, minimalist, classic European, or tradition style. So that the theme of the living room in your home is directed and has beautiful and comfortable characteristics to use.



You also need to consider the lighting in the living room. Lights play an important role to the look of your entire living room. We recommend that before buying the lights, you search the type of the lamp first. You can do this by visiting lamp shops, reading lamp catalog, or browsing the internet.

Seat cushion


Even quality sofa will not be enough to make the living room look beautiful and comfortable. You can rethink to use or add sofa with a pillow for comfortable sitting. Because the shape of the sofa that is upright can make the back hurt, the pillows for the completeness of the living room is necessary.

Coffee  table


Speaking of a comfortable living room furniture, you can't miss the use of a coffee table. In addition to mandatory must be in the living room, you can use this coffee table to put snacks and drinks served to guests. Without a coffee table, a glass containing a drink will contaminate the favorite furniture at home.



One of the next complementary decoration that can be used to fill the living room at home is a mirror. In addition to being attractive to place on one side of the wall, mirrors can also provide a broad effect for a small living room. The mirror you can choose the shape and size of the living room so that it looks attractive.



Another important thing to note is your ornament or decorations in the living room. Decoration in the living room should not be too much because it can make the room feel so crowded and seems to be cluttered and chaotic. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing and what appropriate to display in the living room. You can add decorate like wall-art, or put artificial flower for fleshing living room look more homey.



The existence of a wall clock in addition to showing time can also be used as a way to reprimand guests who stay too long at home, You can choose the type of watch with a simple look, plain model so that it is seen easily from far or near range.

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