7 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration

Homiful.com -- Take your ordinary balcony to the next level by decorating your balcony in a cozy and beautiful way. You can make a balcony as the best place to enjoy the outdoor scenery. It is also a good place to enjoy the fresh air in the morning, and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Well, we would like to say that a cozy balcony can be a place to escape from reality, without leaving your house or studio apartment. 

Here are we present you 7 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Decor Inspiration. We'll share a variety of easy ideas to those that require special methods. These ideas will definitely make your balcony super cool and super cozy.

Soothing green balcony ideas


A relaxing balcony as well as a garden balcony will complete your house. You can spread a soft grass carpet on the balcony green. Then, put some greenery on the corner of your balcony space. Voila. . . The balcony will look so green and fresh. Put seating set like bench with a mini table for you to enjoy the evening vibe in the summer air.

Super chic balcony with string lights


Living in a dense, populated city may feel suffocating, but there will always a way to enjoy it. For example, by decorating a cozy balcony like this. A simple but neat arrangement will certainly make the balcony a comfortable place to relax. Complete the look by installing string lights that are arranged like a shower. A cozy balcony will become one of the best way to enjoy the heavy, busy city at night.

Swing chair on the balcony


Seating is an important element to present a cozy balcony. Make sure you choose the kind of seating that you want. As an alternative seating choice, you can pick swing chair that is placed on the balcony space. Just make sure the balcony roof is strong enough to withstand the weight of the swing chair and your body's weight.

Boho style balcony ideas


Winter is coming. Maybe sitting relaxed on the balcony is not pleasant with a cold atmosphere. But not anymore if you design a cozy balcony like this. Put some throws and blankets on your couch, so you'll get warm while enjoying the winter atmosphere. Provide a soothing aromatherapy candles to give you a piece of mind.

Simple but Cozy Balcony Decor Ideas


A cozy balcony doesn't have to be overly decorated. You can decorate the balcony with some flowers and greenery. The greenery and wooden furniture will create a homey feeling to the balcony.

Colorful and Serene Balcony Decor


A balcony is not always made open. If you want a more closed balcony, you can adapt this balcony idea at your home. The balcony is covered by bright glass windows. Inside it, there is a seating with colorful sofa cushions. The pendant lamps are also decorated in a more colorful setting. 

Balcony with unique railing garden

cr: house of Atelier Ten+

This balcony idea is perfect for giving a balcony that is bright and feels fresh. Balcony railing is made with wire mash as well as a medium for vines. These vines will grow along the railing, which will keep the balcony shady. You can read a book while sunbathing on this balcony.

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