7 Big Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyard

Homiful.com -- A small backyard can be turned into a stunning landscape. You can use the small backyard as a place to relaxing, to enjoy the weekend that provide a beautiful outdoor scenery. Doing landscape gardening is not that really hard. Just place some ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs, and voila you'll have a small backyard with fresh landscape. But that's not enough, you need to know some big landscaping ideas that can make small backyard look wonderful. What are those? Find the answer on 7 Big Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyard.

Beautiful landscaping for small backyard


This small backyard with beautiful landscaping is perfect to enjoy the evening warm and summer air that feel so wonderful. The elements in it are quite complete, you can find a tropical and thriving plants around the yard. There is also a walk path to enjoy walking from the patio deck to the pergola. A small pergola is cozy with a sofa set and warm lights around it.

Put things that support comfort


Landscaping is not only about the garden scenery. It is also about how you can enjoy the outdoor space optimally. Make sure you design a special space for a place to relax. A small backyard, you can use it as outdoor dining room or outdoor retreat. Just place a set of outdoor sofa as seating. Add a parasol, so you can relax without being disturbed by the heat of the sun.

Harmonization between home and outdoor space


It is better to design a small backyard landscape that look in harmony with the design of the home, especially house exterior. As in this house, the green painted house looks in harmony with the plants around the backyard. There are no synchronous ornamental features, even red outdoor chairs seems to have the same style with this Fishingham Garden' house.

Shade with vines


This kind of backyard landscaping ideas are perfect to pursue a quite personal time. The atmosphere of the backyard feels more shady thanks to vines that grow creeping on the backyard fence. Build paver from solid materials, so you don't have to walk on muddy land. Just place a single chair to enjoy your personal time.

A fishpond for big landscaping idea


Did you know that the presence of water elements and living things will have a big impact on your small backyard? As in the small backyard above. A small fishpond is built to give a fresh and cool vibe in the backyard. A fishpond with great ornamental fish is also a great idea to create a zen space with stunning landscaping.

Make a focal point with container flower


Big landscaping ideas don't always require great execution. Even a small thing can make a big impact on your small backyard. You can place some flowers on the container. The pink container with pink flowers work as a focal point that's really enchanting. 

Dress up a tree with shrubs 


Another big landscaping idea with easy and simple execution. If you've decided to plant a tree at some point of the backyard, dress up them nicely! Under the tree, you can dress it up by planting shrubs. The combination of a tree and green shrubs provides a visual like a tree wearing a stunning dress.

That's all for 7 Big Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyard. You can adapt one or some ideas to your small backyard. We encourages you, you'll have a stunning backyard by following these beautiful landscaping ideas.

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