7 Beautiful Small Landscaping Pictures & Ideas

Homiful.com -- Living in a small house doesn't mean you can't have an enchanting outdoor space. Plan your best small landscape design seriously. A great landscape design will make you able to have an outdoor oasis, whether you just have a tiny outdoor space.

Update your small yard with these 7 Beautiful Small Landscaping Pictures & Ideas. These ideas, we sure, will transform any small outdoor space into magnificent and versatile small yard landscaping.

Plant grasses and shrubs


The first thing you need to do is deciding what kind of small landscaping you want to present. If you want to have a small green outdoor landscaping, you can plant grasses on the ground. Plant the shrubs around the small yard. The grasses and shrubs will make a small yard look so green and fresh. Don't forget to weed the grass, so your small yard won't look like a neglected garden.

Show a beautiful contrast with natural elements


A visual contrast will make your small landscaping design seem even more special. A visual contrast can be presented from natural garden elements. You can make two different zones in a small yard. One zone is covered with white pebbles, while the other is using black gravel. In the middle of it, there is a curved line as zone divider. The plants and cement exposed also create a beautiful contrast into this small landscaping.

Emphasize the shape of each garden elements


A small yard can be turned into a beautiful garden. Make the garden more charming by creating boundaries that give a garden a more unique shape. These boundaries are made from another shrubs that have different color and texture. This way, a small garden look so enchanting. 

Using transparent roof for small landscaping design


Having a small outdoor space, it is hard to have a freestanding green house. Even so, you can still have an outdoor space that look like a green house. Just install a transparent roof on top of your small yard. This transparent roof will brighten up the garden space. You also don't need to worry about rain when you're in the garden. Because this roof will protect you from splashing rain.

A dry garden for forgetful & busy gardener


We want to have a beautiful outdoor landscaping, but somehow we forget and busy to take care of it. To outsmart this dilemma situation, you can design a dry garden. This garden is filled with gravels. A simple bed of gravels is easy to care for. Pick the type of plants which doesn't have to be watered every day. This way, you don't need to worry when you forget to take care of your garden.

Arrange the plant neatly and provide seating


With only plants, you can create beautiful small landscaping. Just arrange the plant neatly around the small outdoor yard. Provide a seating to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Just a rattan chair is enough to make you able to sit relaxed in this garden.

A small beautiful flower garden


In addition to greenery, you can plant flowers around the small yard. When the blooming time comes, the flowers will bloom beautifully to make your garden more charming. Place a garden bench in there. This place is great as a quick escape from the busy day.

That's all for 7 Beautiful Small Landscaping Pictures & Ideas. You adapt one or more ideas into your small yard to create a stunning small landscaping design. You'll have a fresh oasis, even in a small outdoor space.

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