7 Beautiful Rock Garden Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You


Homiful.com -- Designing a beautiful home garden can be one of the fun activities. Many materials are environmentally friendly, which you can use to design a more beautiful garden. one of them is coral rock that is widely used for minimalist home garden decoration.

Are you interested in using natural rock decoration? Let's first look at 7 beautiful rock garden decors ideas that will inspire you that can apply at home!

Garden design with unique patterned rocks


Who would have thought, the design of the garden with a walkway in the middle will look more stunning with coral rock decorations? With a winding model makes the garden look more alive. Moreover, around it is filled with a cool expanse of green grass.

Beautiful garden with coral rocks


The second minimalist garden inspiration is mad simple with coral rock decoration that cover the entire ground surface. This type of white coral rock managed to make the garden look brighter and wider. Add decoration in the form of ornamental plants around it for a cooler atmosphere.

Front garden with a sprinkling of coral rock


The easiest way to use coral stone decoration in the garden is to sprinkle in between ceramics, as in the design above. The selection of coral rock color is made in harmony, with gray, to match the overall condition of the garden.

Coral rock decorating fishponds


The presence of a home equipped with a fishpond is able to make the atmosphere of the house fresher. The design of the pool is interestingly designed with three fountains. As a decoration, you can use coral rock on the edge of the fishponds to create a look that is more fused with nature.

The driveway of the house with coral rock decorations


If you have a garden designed next to the carport area. Inspiration of the entry road design with coral rock material can be used as a reference. Coral rock material has a strong resistance because it is arranged more densely. Very interesting, isn't it?

Simple garden with coral rocks


It has a simple look but alluring, isn't it? The design of this side garden comes with coral rock material sprinkled to coat the surface of the ground. Do not forget, some green plant decoration are placed as a sweetener look.

Coral rock on the edge of the garden


Coral rock material is often placed on the of a minimalist garden. This is intended so that the look of a minimalist garden that looks cleaner and neater. Combine it with a beautiful expanse of green grass.

That's a review of 7 beautiful rock garden decors ideas that will inspire you. Which of the above designs is your favorite?

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