7 Balcony Garden Ideas From Instagram

7 Balcony Garden Ideas From Instagram

Homiful.com -- Gardening or reimagining plants is popular during pandemics. Because the appearance of a beautiful house full of plants will make the atmosphere of the house fresh and more comfortable. But that can't be done if the house is too small. Well the solutions, you can take advantage of the balcony room of the house that can be used as a place for plants as well as a relaxing space. What the design looks like, check out the following 7 Balcony Garden Ideas from Instagram!

Fresh color contras


Minimalist balconies dominated by neutral colors and green element of this plant provide an interesting contrast around the balcony. In addition to fresh, complete components such as furniture, ornamental plants, tress and lush shrubs also enliven the balcony area more beautiful. You can make this balcony area to get together with family, friends and parties at the end of fun year.

Homey balcony garden with hanging plants


Minimalist balcony design that homey, this time you can make inspiration. Balconies without a touch of furniture do not look shabby and quiet. Because the accent of a small garden is placed at the corner of the balcony, to hanging plants to make the atmosphere of the balcony more refreshing. To complete the appearance of the balcony garden you can patch the lighting with soft warm light lights.

Balcony as a dining room


If you have a minimalist balcony or spacious enough, try to change the appearance of the balcony like this. It's a dining room or a small party. You can still put ornamental plants in all corners of the balcony to look refreshing. Place complete furniture such as chairs and tables to complement the romantic diner atmosphere with your partner.

Balcony design with lush plants


To create a beautiful balcony, you can choose ornamental plants as a complement. Minimalist balcony used for this plants place, you can change with vegetable or fruit plants. Well, this time you can put it in various corners of the balcony to give a beautiful balcony idea. Choose ornamental plants with fresh flowers and have bright colors and refresh the eyes.

Fresh balcony garden full of ornamental plants


The small size of the balcony is not difficult to rearrange. You can choose to use ornamental plants that are neatly arranged on the plant shelf. The open impression in the balcony area is created from the presence of glass barriers so that lighting enters the surrounding balcony with the maximum. Rows of plant you can arrange in pots with hanging models or just placed on the floor only.

Open balcony with a simple design


The balcony above, besides being able to be used as a place for plants, can also be relaxed. You can simply put a standard hanging plant or placed on the floor using petunias or begonias. Also add sofa furniture to relax comfortably. This open-plan balcony provides a fresh and more pleasant atmosphere.

Balcony ideas for vegetable plants


If you do not have land anymore in the yard of the house, this balcony could be one solution. Utilizing to be used as a place for vegetables, you can choose herbal plants, fruit to kitchen spices. Make a hanging model to maximize balcony railing so that it is more maximal.

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