7 Balcony and Terrace Patio Umbrella

7 Balcony and Terrace Patio Umbrella

Homiful.com -- Tent benefits for the balcony area, the terrace of the house can provide strong sun protection when relaxing in the summer outdoors. Awnings are available in a variety of colors and models that you can choose from at will. The design you can see in the following review to be a recommendation when relaxing on the balcony or terrace of the house comfortably.

Beautiful awnings of Balinese models


Tent for your balcony or terrace can be selected like this. It is designed to protect the sun and also as a decorative accent. You can choose awning with a unique look like Bali that can be found in various areas. Choose the same color as the furniture around the terrace, so that is looks more charming.

Umbrella design blend with the table


The most common from that can be matched is to blend in with a table like this. Minimalist blue design that can avoid hot weather for two to three people below. Choose a blue color that gibes a calm effect, when the sun radiates inconspicuous or sick when viewed.

A unique combination of pergolas


In addition to the balcony of the house, this awning design you can place in the yard with a beautiful pergola. The side of a sturdy pergola plus black awnings make your home garden more classy and elegant. Pergola details and beautiful can be added to ornamental plants to avoid the impression of stiff and monotonous.

Shear awning design


In addition to the permanent model that blends with the table. Awnings you can modify with a flexible sliding model moved anywhere. Place it on the corner of the sofa to provide a well-rounded protective effect.

Acrylic materials for optimal balcony design


So that when relaxed, you are not distributed by the heat of the sun or rain. This acrylic awning material can be an option. With a strong model standing alone without being surrounded by a table will be charming, the design of a beautiful terrace or balcony when viewed.

Romantic garden awning design


If usually awnings are only used for a relaxed atmosphere only. This time you can put this awning for a big event like your own wedding. Choosing the outdoor concept is the most appropriate thing to get romantic atmosphere when with loved ones. Make sure to choose a model that can protect all guest with strong materials and not through the rain.

Awnings with large size


Because the terrace and balcony are the most comfortable areas to gather together. You need to prepare a large size awning with the usual model. Choose colors that are not flashy so as not to hurt the view. Meanwhile, you can also add a cloth around to avoid the wind when partying. 

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