Ways to Make Your Split-Level Home Look Elegant on a Budget

Ways to Make Your Split-Level Home Look Elegant on a Budget

Homiful.com -- Split-level homes can be beautiful with high space skies and efficient use of the room. Especially for those of you who have a limited decorating budget. Of course, to change the interior of the house with a stylish look and a comfortable atmosphere can be found the way. It is not too difficult to arrange the decor, you can listen to how to make your split-level house look elegant on a budget.

Living room in a split-level house

The first thing you can do when you have a split-level house is to determine the interior theme in it. Leaving open without bulkheads can be a solution to create spacious living room. You can use one sofa with the same color for a dynamic impression. To make it more expressive, add an aesthetic seagrass carpet that gives the interior of the space to look neater.

For two functional in one space? Not a problem

If you have a very limited split-level house size. Combining one space for two different functional you can imitate. Whether you receive guests or watch TV, you can use both in this room. Apply a simple design without a lot of furniture to avoid a full impression.

The kitchen and laundry room are one

In addition to using the concept of open plan, you can unite two different activities and one area. Like the kitchen design combined with this laundry room will minimize your space in the house more efficiently. In order to reduce the sense of disruption, you can create a semi-open concept with a glass door that can enhance the impression of spacious, clean and modern.

Dining room in the middle of the room

Right in the middle of the room, this dining room implements a connection system that is easy to reach. You can arrange the interior of the room more thoroughly and the decorations are not boring. Like lighting in the middle of the hanging model room, you can choose to get visual details at night. Use the same interior so that the impression of clean and beautiful can be felt by the homeowner.


The bedroom is the most private place and the most important need must be in the house. With a small size, you can use one medium size bed and the selection of an interior that is in line with the entire space. To get an attractive and comfortable bedroom design.

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