Super Cozy Outdoor Relaxing Spaces You'll Love -- Having a cozy outdoor relaxing space in the middle of a busy city, busy day is very refreshing. You can also make it as a place to get rid of fatigue after a day of work. A healing space without going out from your home. The breeze and the fresh outdoor scenery, those things will make relaxing outside the agenda you are most looking forward to.

When designing a cozy, relaxing space, you don't need to go overboard. Even just with a single chair and a simple decor will make you love your outdoor relaxing space. If you need more ideas to create a simple but comfortable outdoor space, here are Super Cozy Outdoor Relaxing Spaces You'll Love.

A rattan chair and fresh decor ideas


Yaps, you must present a comfy seating to make a super cozy outdoor relaxing space. No need a big seating, if one chair is enough. You can choose an egg wicker-rattan chair as a seating to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. Around it, decorate the patio or terrace with greenery. Create a fresh and beautiful decor by creating a unique painting on the wall in orange sunset color tone.

Choose a specific theme


No matter how small it is, you can make a super cozy outdoor relaxing space with your favorite theme. As on the shabby chic themed outdoor relaxing above.  Blue list walls with white bench give a sweet and soothing look. A mini coffee table is placed in front of the bench. The tablecloth is chosen in floral and beautiful shape, so it looks match with the surrounding things.

A no-plan design


A no-plan design is a great idea for those of you who like something spontaneous and practical. Just put some pieces of furniture to relax in your open space. A hammock swing of macramé  craft is laid out in a shady corner of the open space. On both poles are placed  mini macramé umbrellas as decorations. Not far from the hammock, there is a pair of iron chairs and a table. There is a large parasol of macramé cloth above the chairs. The design does seem unplanned, but the consistent macramé fabric elements make it look more harmonious. 

Earthy elements for soothing spaces


An open space is very suitable, designed and decorated with earthy elements. Earthy tone elements will give the impression of a soothing and natural vibe into the relaxing space. You can start from choosing a bench with wooden materials, a wooden pallet, and houseplants as decoration. The green garden seems in harmony with your outdoor lounge.

Another simple and cozy outdoor relaxing space


No need to complicate yourself. You don't have to build a gazebo or pergola to make a super cozy outdoor relaxing space. Just put a pair of rattan chairs as seating to enjoy the breeze and the fresh garden view. You can arrange the chairs in a shady place, for example under bamboo with lush leaves.

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