Small Minimalist Home Designs That Looks So Cozy and Nice -- Every people surely want to have a nice and cozy home. Creating a cozy home doesn't depend on how big or how extravagant your house is. Having a small house with minimalist design can actually bring comfort and warmth to the homeowner. The key lies only in simple arrangements and cleanliness. Those things will make a house looks good and make you comfortable at home. 

So, as an inspiration for those of you want to have a minimalist home, we would like to present you a review about 'Small Minimalist Home Designs That Looks So Cozy and Nice'.

An eye-catching exterior design


Usually, minimalist home design do tend to use neutral or natural paint colors, such as white and brown. But, it's not that stiff. If you want to have a more colorful exterior design, you can apply turquoise paint color as exterior wall paint. Turquoise color combined with striped wooden planks gives a touch of farmhouse to this minimalist home.

 Floor Elevation Design

Floor elevations show how much higher or lower of floor house. This house applies a stage-shaped floor system that makes the elevation of the floor higher. So, it will need small stairs as a link between the carport and the terrace. The design is selected in natural brown color to give a touch of natural vibe to the facade of the house.

Living Room with Simple Arrangements


What you need the most in the living room is a couch and a mini table, right? Make the main furniture as the main thing in the living room. You can decorate the room in minimalist concept, such as placing some artificial plants and flowers in the living room. The all-white living room design looks better with the turquoise door frames and windows.

The Open Plan Design

Minimalist homes usually apply an open space design without a solid wall barrier. This is done for saving and efficient space. Open-plan room design unites the kitchen and dining area in one space. The design of the two spaces is made differently to present a different atmosphere in each room.

Simple but Adorable Kitchen Design

Not everyone need cabinetry in the kitchen. If you want of them, you can make use of the space under the kitchen table as storage. Keep it look good by attaching a mini curtain under the table. The curtain is chosen in red color with striped pattern. The red curtain act as contrast in this white kitchen. The red thing makes the kitchen more pleasant to look at.

Minimalist but Beautiful Toilet Design


Never make your toilet or bathroom look so mediocre. Make it beautiful by attaching vintage-style wall tiles. Instantly, the tiles make the toilet look better than ever. Keep the bathroom or toilet clean to make you more comfortable when you're doing a nature's call.

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