Minimalist Interior Design Look Comfy and Amazing

Minimalist Interior Design Look Comfy and Amazing -- Living in a tiny house. Forcing many owners to make use of the functional interior and comfortable design. Although it should be with double living room, kitchen, dining room in one area. This is certainly one of the problems that are quite basic and complained by many people. To prepare the perfect and comfortable interior design, check out the following inspiration!

Living room interior

Living room that seems to use the concept of open plan is one of the typical minimalist house design. Minimalist interior gray color is used on the sofa furniture with a simple arrangement without bulkheads. The end of the room is clearly visible with the kitchen and the gathering room you can distinguish the concept of the interior of each room. Use beautiful decorations such as some cushions, carpet selection to interesting creative touches.

Minimalist gathering room design

As seen clearly from the previous living room, the living room near the living room is integrated also with the home kitchen. To get a comfortable family gathering atmosphere, you can put some additional cabinets as a complement to the maximum storage space. Apply the interior design of warm colors, shades of perfect brown.

Minimalist kitchen design

To maximize the size of a small house, this L-shaped kitchen design can be used to get a lot of functional. Different stove and sink placement provides little distance for a hygienic and clean kitchen. Complete the kitchen cabinet according to the size of the kitchen so that the storage space you have a lot and organized.

Small bathroom 

Since long ago, the public bathroom was used as a place to wash. Like this functional bathroom design that puts clothesline shelves is perfect if you live in apartment. Use rough textured tile flooring to avoid slippery and falling.

Bedroom design

Actually, the arrangement of a sleeping space for a small house is not difficult. All you have to do is now the size of the space and what furniture you need to use. Like the white wall interior, you can choose a queen size bed with embossed headboard. Give a touch of light color such as yellow to get a fresh bedroom look. Use an attractive backsplash to make your small kitchen design look attractive and expressive.

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