House Decorated in Purple That will Inspire You -- Do not worry, if you want to apply purple in your house. Purple is a color that can give a warm atmosphere to the home. It's also good for those of you who want to have a vibrant interior design,  but it doesn't look excessive. Even so, incorporate purple things in a house is tricky. You need to know some proper ways to use purple as house decorations. You can use small or big purple things in your space.

If you'll rather have one color room specifically in purple color, then this house decorated in purple surely will inspire you.

Purple Things in Your Bathroom

Having a bathroom in purple color seem so unique and different. You can paint to the wall in lilac color, then choosing the purple ceramics for ceramic bathroom walls. The floor is in white as a visual balancer, so it is not too monotonous. Complete this purple bathroom by selecting some pieces of furniture in purple color, such as the sink, the mirror to the flower.

Realistic Kitchen with Purple Objects

Realistically, a frequently used kitchen might look like this. But the purple things in it, make it look more vibrant. The ceramic for backsplash is chosen in purple with some pattern on it. The upper cabinet is replaced with floating shelves to hold some spices that make you easier when cooking.

Purple Cabinet to Keep Your Thing in Order

If you rather have a one color room, especially in purple, it is the best to choose a purple cabinet. The cabinet is useful to keep the cooking ware. So, the kitchen look more tidy and not so messy. If you need more storage, you can also use the stacking shelves a cooking utensil storage.

Simple and Purple Laundry Room

Don't let your laundry room not in shades of purple. Make the laundry room more attractive by applying some things in purple. For example, sticking a lilac purple washing machine sticker that looks in contrast to a deep purple wall. Make use of the wall to install floating shelves that can be used to place detergents.

Lovely Living Room Design

Want to have a warm and lovely living room? Then enliven the living room with purple decorations is a nice thing to do. The purple creates a warm atmosphere to the room. And if you pick purple decorations like some cute dolls, floral rack cover, and so on, it will make the living room look so adorable and charming.

Provide Natural Lighting

When you're choosing this kind of purple shades, make sure you provide an adequate natural lighting. The natural light will brighten up the space. Without natural light, the room will look so gloomy and unpleasant.

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