Cozy House With Beautiful Terrace Very Large -- The beauty of the house can also be seen from the appearance of the terrace of the house. The design of a beautiful terrace will certainly be a plus for a dwelling. Especially if you have a large terrace, of course, there are many design concepts that you can apply. You can create a different terrace look and have its own interested power.

The following is cozy house with beautiful terrace, very large that you can make as a reference in designing the terrace. Let's check out of the full review below!

Large natural patio design


Highlighting the elements of nature, you can design a terrace with the concept of back to nature. Natural nuances can make the mind more relaxed after tired of activities. Moreover, this terrace is made complete with fishpond on the side. Which able to create a more refreshing terrace atmosphere.

Large functional terrace design


In addition to beautifying the dwelling, the presence of the terrace you can use into a more functional room. The terrace can be used as a place to relax, to the children's play area. You can equip the terrace with a variety of fun children's game rides.

Elegant home terrace design


Carrying the concept of an elegant large terrace, this terrace design looks s luxurious and charming. Minimalist garden design is made with feature of the entrance to the house that gives a more attractive look. While some decorations of flamingo-shaped statues make the appearance of the terrace more beautiful.

Large terrace design with fishpond

For those of you  who have a hobby of keeping ornamental fish, you can apply the concept of a terrace with a refreshing fishpond. This fishpond is made in the middle of the garden so that some ornamental plants around that able to create a cooler terrace atmosphere.

Large terrace design with fishpond


The terrace can be functioned a a fun relaxing place. The relaxing atmosphere will get maximum comfort by placing a swing in the terrace area. Combine it with a stretch of green grass for a cooler home atmosphere.

Those are some beautiful terrace designs that you can apply at home. From some terraces above, which one is your favorite?

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