Brilliant garden ideas with one type of plants -- If usually the garden is filled with various types of plants, you can make it more uniform just by putting one type of plant. The idea of a garden with one type of plant is quite practical. Because each plant is different, it certainly requires a different way of treatment. That way, you can focus more on caring for plants in the garden in the same way.

The idea of a garden with one type of plant is also more beautiful and fun. You can name it a cactus garden, snake plants garden or rose garden. In terms of maintenance cost, of course, one type of plant alone will be more efficient than providing different nutrients (compost) for each type of plant.  

Here are brilliant garden ideas with one type of plants.

1. Sansevieria garden


Snake plant or sansevieria is not only cheap, but also easy to maintain. This plant also has many benefits. Sansevieria can absorb airborne toxins and purify the air around the house. You can try to present a sansevieria garden in the middle of the house. The small land available can be used as a sansvieria planting medium with a gravel expanse on the ground. This garden is a nice and simple idea to make the atmosphere of the house feel so fresh and cool.


2. The lush 'Monstera' Garden


Monstera is a popular houseplant, thanks to its unique leaf shape. Manifest you love for monstera by creating a lush monstera garden. You can choose only one type of monstera. The monstera borsigiana can be allowed to grow tall and lush. The lush leaves will provide maximum freshness. Compared to other types of monstera, the price of monstera borsigiana plants is quite affordable and ready to make the garden fee so green and fresh. 

3. An aesthetic cactus garden


Show your love for cacti by creating a garden as a special place to display and care for this thorny plant. Cacti in various shape and sizes are neatly arranged on wooden stacking shelves. That way, the entire collection of cacti, either small or large, can still be seen. Complete the garden with enough lighting so that the cactus also looks aesthetic at night.

4. Aglaonema garden makes the house so colorful


Do you like to collect some variety of aglaonema plants? Then, you can turn the empty little space into a colorful aglaonema garden. Some of your plants can be placed in stacking shelves to highlight the beauty of its colorful leaves. The green plants can also be placed to make the garden more fresh.

5. A unique garden of cacti and succulents 


A garden that is so green, leafy and lush may be familiar and mainstream. If you want to present a different garden design, you can try the garden idea above. 

The garden is designed as a barren garden that is arranged in such way. The garden is filled with desert plants, such as cacti and some succulent plants. Those plants are also neatly arranged, so this barren garden looks very aesthetic.

6. A mini tropical garden


You can present a mini tropical garden by planting tropical plants like Calathea lutea. Large, glossy and leafy foliage will give your home a tropical vibe.  This type of plant you can plant next to the trail. That way, the walk path area didn't look so empty.

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