Beautiful Partition Designs for Living Room and Dining Hall -- Would you like to add a partition wall for living and dining room? If so, these beautiful partition design will be useful for you. A beautiful partition wall not only divide the spaces, it also makes the room aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

There are many partition designs. So, when you choose partition wall, it's better to choose the one that matches the concept of the occupancy. It is done to make the house look in harmony. If you need more inspiration partition designs, here are some beautiful partition designs for living room and dining hall.

A Stylish Partition Wall Design


Solid walls can make the atmosphere of the room more stuffy, both in the living room and dining hall. Be creative by replacing the solid wall with a stylish hollow wall as a partition wall between the living and dining room. You can install spotlights in the wall  cavities. Those lighting will make this partition wall look so exclusive.

Laser Cutting Partition Screen


For a minimalist home, you can choose a partition design that is practical and easy to move as needed. One of the best practical partitions is a laser cutting partition screen. This screen has a very stunning shape that will beautify your room instantly.

Wood Slat Partition Wall


Give a natural vibe into the space can be done by choosing a wood slat partition wall. The wooden slats are neatly lined, creating a sense of privacy in both spaces. All the more, this wooden partition wall can be rotated. So, it gives a dynamic effect to the room.

Display Shelf as Partition Wall


If you want a more functional partition wall, this kind of partition wall can be applied for living room and dining hall. This partition wall is in the form of open shelves, which can be used to display book collection and ornaments. The partition is mounted to the wall. So, it's strong enough.

Copper Partition Designs


This copper partition wall is perfect for those of you who want to have an elegant screen. The carvings on the screen make it look very classy. Combine with wooden frame make the screen look sturdy and give a bit of natural vibe to the room.

Wooden Carving Partition Wall


A sleek wooden partition wall will divide the dining and living room perfectly. It provides privacy  and awesome look. It's good for a home with open plan concept. This sleek screen occupies less area. The main lighting that you install in the middle of the room is also not hindered by this wooden partition. So, you can also save electricity budget.

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