7 Tips Rooftop Garden Incredible That You Need

7 Tips Rooftop Garden Incredible That You Need

Homiful.com -- Roof  garden is the best area that you can use to relax and do various activities in your spare time with family. Even more so if you like your own time to enjoy a day full of worry by looking at ornamental plants or the night sky. Even more so if you like your own time to enjoy a day full of worry by looking at ornamental plants or the night sky. Even more so if you have an empty area on the roof, to make the roof garden can be an attractive design that is ordinary. Some tips for making this roof garden have been summarized for those of you who are looking for the best inspiration.

Equalize theme selection


The first you can do when making a roof garden is the selection of a beautiful theme first. Such as paying attention to plant media or the use of pots that match the color of Terracotta will make your roof garden more exotic. You can also cover the floor with beautiful visuals in the form of synthetic grass that further supports the appearance of the roof garden is more beautiful.

Leave it open


When you have a roof garden with an area that is too large, leaving it open will further expand the situation. Instead of using a barrier or fence from ordinary wood, you can apply a glass fence to remove the impression of narrow. However, if you still want to maintain the impression of privacy when gathering with family, tips like this should be ignored.

Make focal point


The more attractive the design of the roof garden you have, the more comfortable it is to be used to gather with family. So that the attention in this roof garden is created properly and beautifully, making an accents pergola like this can be the solution, you can choose between pergola or adding a fountain with tall trees, displaying statues and many other ways.

Take advantage of vertical space


In order for your rooftop garden to be more beautiful, you just need some beautiful decorations. Like making a vertical garden with the use of pergola walls, you can also maximize the pole over the pergola to hang your pergola plants more unique.

Good lighting is important


By nightfall, overthinking sometimes disturbs the heart is increasingly unsettled, and you need to switch atmosphere to calm things. Like the beautiful rood garden area of the house with this aesthetic decoration, the existence of light is very supportive of the roof garden is more elegant at night. You can make the roof garden are more memorable by leaving the area open without a roof cover thoroughly.

Use selected furniture


So that your roof garden is more beautiful to unwind, various activities you can do without difficulty. Choose furniture according to your needs and function, you can also let some plants spread around the roof garden so that the refreshing beautiful visuals can be felt.

Plant type game


Showing the roof with a refreshing cool atmosphere you can create in a balanced manner. Through several type of flowering plants or trees with towering height. Foliage or shrubs can also be one of the clever choice to enliven the atmosphere of the roof garden more fresh.

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