7 Tall Houseplant For Your Home

7 Tall Houseplant For Your Home

Homiful.com -- Have you ever felt like your house feels empty? Especially if you open an interior design enthusiast with bright colors. Well to replace wall paint with bright colors but still give a positive effect and more vibrant is with ornamental plants. In addition to providing a positive effect, ornamental plants that are high also add beautiful visuals to the interior of the house. A numb of high ornamental plants you can try to put in the interior of the house that is increasingly attractive and add fresh air to the house.

Weeping Fig


Weeping fig is an ornamental plant with small leaves with lush bushy and. This decorative tree has a thin trunk with very easy to braid. In addition to adding to the appeal of a home interior, this plant can grow well in bright light, but can also tolerate low light rooms.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree


Schefflera is a type of plant with unique and very famous leave. The leaf color is thick green and usually has a yellow part in the middle of the leaf. Leaf stalks that can bathe 8-9 leaves with a circular shape are very beautiful for the interior at home. This plant can grow indoors with tropical weather. Take the time to water this plant when the plant has started to dry out.

Dracaena Fragrans


One of the top ornamental plants that can filter the air in the room. This plant has a beautiful leaf color, so it is very interesting to place on the interior of the house, such as a bedroom or guest house. This plant is very able to survive at low light.

Philodendron Selloum


An easy-to-care plant is philodendron selloum. Philodendron plant is very beautiful to fill the interior with your empty house. But the growth is large and dense, this plant requires a considerable space. Beautiful visual of this tropical ornamental plant can improve the aesthetics in your room.

Rubber Plant


This rubber tree has a wide leaf shape like an elongated spoon. Leaves with very beautiful, shiny colors can grow near the windows or a cause in dire need of bright light. Do not forget to water this plant when the soil starts to dry.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Fiddle leaf fig is one of the best large indoor plants to grow in pots. You can put this plant in a large container with leaves that are covered with the shape of a violin. It is perfect for filling your vertical room at home. Keep the moisture of this soil from drying regularly.

Golden Pothos


If you have a small room in the house. Plants with this vertical growth can be an option. The shape of a beautiful heart leaf hanging inside the container will create a natural fresh atmosphere. Easily in its care, this plant needs water to increase its infertility.

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