7 Stunning Ideas to Decorate Small Patio

Homiful.com -- Looking for ideas for a patio? With small or simple decorations, you can turn a small patio into a very inviting lounge. Patio can be the best place to relax and enjoy the outdoor landscaping. It is the best when you want to escape from urban noise or heavy busy works.  In addition to relaxing, you can also invite your friends to chat casually or spend weekend nights on your small patio. 

Here are some of 7 Stunning Ideas to Decorate a Small Patio. By following some ideas, your small patio will look better than ever.

1. The seating and a parapet ideas


Never let your small patio look boring or mediocre. You can make it look extraordinary by using a hanging chair as a seat on the patio. Just make sure, the hanging chairs are mounted on strong supports. The patio is also more shady if you install a parapet for the vines as a shade that is supported by a row of poles on either side of the patio.

2. Rustic decor to warm up the space


Rustic decor is a style emphasis on rugged and let the natural beauty shine more. It embraces nature-inspired texture, simple and earthy tone colors. A small patio will look so stunning by using rustic decorations on it. You can hang some lampshades of macrame works, place a wall decoration of rugs surrounded by LED string lights, or simply put a pair of rattan chairs to show modern and rustic style patio decor. Somehow, all rustic elements make this patio feels so warm and cozy.


3. Bring in greenery


Patio can be a relaxing outdoor place. There is nothing more fun than decorating an outdoor patio with affordable natural elements. You can place and arrange potted plants in an arrangement that you like, some hung, taped to wooden pallets or placed on the floor. This variety of plants will refresh and enliven the atmosphere on your small patio.

4. Put a Parasol


Sunbathing is necessary, but there are times when you want to relax on the patio without feeling the heat of the sun hitting your head, right? For that, there is no harm in installing a parasol right in your seating area. This parasol can be opened close according to the needs of the owner.

5. Add artificial grass rug


You can make a patio as a multi-functional space, call it a place to relax, a place to play and a place to sunbathe. For that, create a small patio design that is family friendly. You can cover the patio floor with a soft and child-friendly grass carpet, provide some chairs that can be used to chat or sunbathe enjoying the morning sun, make it greener by installing a vertical artificial garden on your patio.  This patio decoration is perfect for those of you who want a practical and simple comfortable patio

6. Make statement with lighting


Of course, you don't want to enjoy the patio only in the morning, right? The patio can be a fun place to relax at night. For that, do not forget to install some lights that will brighten up the space at night. Choose the type of lighting that you want, a beautiful and romantic patio atmosphere you can present by choosing string lights with a dim light. 

7. The breeze block


The breeze block is needed as patio screens. It perfects idea to divide the outdoor space meets a house. It will divide the space but still give a breath of fresh air to both places. There are many varieties of breeze block, but you can pick the ones that have beautiful pattern like the picture above.

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