7 Soothing and Fresh Garden Ideas With Pallets

7 Soothing and Fresh Garden Ideas With Pallets

Homiful.com -- You have wooden pallets left over from making home furniture? Why not try to turn into something new and more fun. Moreover, the decomposition is very easy, or you do not have wooden pallets at home. Take is easy, all garden ideas with DIY palettes can be found in a variety of media that are easy to try for yourself. Well, to see the various garden villages with a beautiful palette, you can see it in the interesting reviews below!

Make hanging plants with wooden pallets


Like the idea of wooden pallets sticking around the porch or yard? Garden design with this palette you can example easily. Only need a wooden pallet as much as two pieces, you can measure the width and length according to the wall at home to make it on the surface of the wall using nails. Use this palette to place a variety of small and cute succulent plants.

Pallet planting boxes around the kitchen 


To turn a wooden pallet into an attractive and highly functional-looking plant place is easy enough. You can make it look like an elongated box, so it can be affixed to the wall of the kitchen room like this. Use pots or containers that have a large space, flower succulents or small vegetables to be planted in this pallet garden box. 

Wooden pallets, unique stair model


To make your garden look as normal as a typical unique garden, this ladder model wooden pallet design uses a variety of plants to complete this place. You can create a palette model like this with levels as needed. In each of these levels, you can use two of their plants to fill the wooden pallets to fill. You can try this model to be placed in the garden area interior house to privacy areas such as in the bathroom.

Wooden pallets with flower plants


Another creative way you can use to make wooden pallets look more unique is with a folding table model like this. Or you can choose with a full-looking wooden pallet container model. Finishing wooden palette with gray color you can use to place plants. Choose a flower plant or herbal plants such as lavender daisy.

Simple way to wooden pallet horizontal model


Area balcony is the perfect place to make the garden open at home. But you need to prepare a place to place the plants in order to grow and flowers. This horizontal model wooden pallet you can create by yourself by adjusting the size as needed. Choose outdoor plants that are resistant to all weathers such as roses, daisy or cactus.

Vertical wooden pallets, narrow land solution


If you don't have the land or garden to arrange plants at home, this vertical palette could be the solution. Vertical model with wooden stacking pallet racks are sealed to give the plant a difference. Place in an open area for easy sunlight and fresh air to prepare beautiful flowering plants.

Wooden pallets as a place of garden


Often found, many houses choose to grow their own vegetables and fruits at home with the reason of more fun and make the home environment fresher. Wooden pallets you can combine with a strong and sturdy aluminum material. So you can put a variety of vegetable plants in this place to make the garden at home look great. 

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