7 Small Swimming Pool That We Dream Of

7 Small Swimming Pool That We Dream Of

Homiful.com -- Having a minimalist home with a small swimming pool is not a problem. The arrangement of the pool will be good to be behind a private house. Having your own swimming pool is one of the dreams of many people, albeit with a small size. The swimming pool will always be memorable for the owner if the arrangement and design are attractive. Here are 7 small swimming pools that we currently dream of. Check out the following review.

A small swimming pool next to the house


Small land left beside the house can be used to make a small swimming pool. The size of the elongated can your design beautifully using a dividing wall of natural stone. Make the end of the pool as a relaxing place, to be more refreshing with a cool atmosphere prepare a little land to make a small garden around it.

Modern and open-air small swimming pool design


If you only have a small remaining land behind the house, get around it to make a swimming pool and garden can be used as an example. Like this swimming pool design, the shape of the box is unique with an open concept. This swimming pool is part of the house that has a refreshing open plan concept. You can prepare a small room for a place to relax with a glass table as it looks.

A small, natural swimming pool


The design of this next minimalist swimming pool feels natural by surrounded by shady ornamental plants. Small pool models with ceramic floor motifs add an aesthetic effect and elegant look. To be functional, you can use the corner of the area to place some lounge chairs for a short break.

Modern swimming pool design surrounds the house


The swimming pool that is faked around the house looks attractive with good lighting. The design of the swimming pool with two lounge chairs is equipped with one palm tree in the middle of the pool. Surrounded by ornamental bamboo plants on the side, this pool is suitable for modern homes with limited land size.

Swimming pool with pergola 


So that the pool feels shady when used, you can add a pergola or plants around the pool. Place in an open area without a roof, or use a transparent canopy for a beautiful swimming pool design.

Luxury swimming pool design in a modern home 


You can adjust the size of the swimming pool according to the interior or exterior of the house. Designed with a modern luxurious look, this swimming pool still has a small size that looks beautiful surrounded by ornamental plants and modern home architectural design.

Small and unique swimming pool


Although the design of this swimming pool looks simple and mediocre. The simplicity of this pool design actually displays a unique design and arrangement. You can simply add plant at all point of the pool to give a refreshing green effect. In addition, to the selection of the floor, you can use a gray stone that resemble cement.

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