7 Small Kitchen Design For Your Home

Homiful.com -- Having a small kitchen does require us to be more creative in arranging it. We have to think of ways to keep the small kitchen design functional without putting aside the artistic impression. Despite the limited space, there are many ways to get around the small kitchen design to keep it comfortable to use. You don't need to do a big change in your small kitchen, even with small changes the small kitchen will look better than ever. 

So, if you need inspirations about how to design and decor the small kitchen design, keep reading for 7 Small Kitchen Design For Your Home.

Purple Things For The Small Kitchen Design


When you look at the kitchen picture above, what comes to your mind? Yes, the kitchen is neat, minimalist and purple! Although many items above the countertop and backsplash kitchen, but each item seems to have the same space distance, so the kitchen still looks neat.

The purple things are added to beautify the kitchen look. The thing that really pleasing to the eyes is the purple rug with muffin. The purple rug successfully beautify the kitchen space and give a warm impression.

Small Kitchen Design Next to the Garden


Even if you have a small kitchen, you don't have to be discouraged. Many ways to make a small kitchen look so great and worth to upload. You can design a small kitchen next to the kitchen. Besides pleasing to the eye, the small kitchen next to the garden will provide a more enjoyable cooking experience. A fresh breeze will help you reduce the heat when cooking.

Small Kitchen Design with U-shaped Layout


In a minimalist house, the kitchen is usually made in open space design. But, if you want to have a kitchen space that looks separate from other spaces, you can choose U-shaped kitchen layout. The mini bar table or part of U-shaped layout can be used as partition that separate the kitchen space with other open spaces.

Turquoise Small Kitchen Design with Small Awning Window


Turquoise is a new way to incorporate blue and green combinations at the same time. You can also adapt turquoise kitchen design in your small kitchen. Just pick the cabinets with turquoise color. The backsplash have patterned design with turquoise and white combinations. So, the small kitchen look so fresh and cozy. 

For safety and convenience reasons, make sure to install windows in the kitchen. Using a small awning window is okay. The window will keep your kitchen fresh and help to reduce the cooking smoke.

Tropical, Small Kitchen Design


Have you ever think about tropical kitchen? Well, you can make on in your small kitchen space. You can let vines grow vines on the kitchen walls, especially the kitchen area that is dry and free from the heat of the stove. Install glass windows and skylights to keep the kitchen always bright and get a clean airflow from the outside.

Pink is Good Friend of Small Kitchen Design


Adding pink things to the small kitchen space can sweeten up the kitchen look. It also makes the kitchen feel warm and cozy. You can place a minimalist mini bar table as bar table, breakfast table to partition between the kitchen space with other spaces. Don't forget to complete the look by choosing kitchen utensils and cutlery in pink color.

Inline Kitchen Galley Design


It's better not to focus on the small, but put your mind on how to decorate the small kitchen space. You can use pink theme, if you are in love with pink color. From the bottom to the top, you can fill the kitchen with pink furniture and pink decorations. Using an inexpensive ornament is a no big deal. For example, placing on budget sticker above the stove to make it look so pink and more adorable.

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