7 Simple Solutions for Small-Space Landscape

7 Simple Solutions for Small-Space Landscape

Homiful.com -- Regarding garden design, size is not one of the things that are important for the results of beautiful landscapes in the house. The most important thing for the landscape is when the arrangement is beautiful without having to need an extra space. So that the care when having a small garden will be more affordable, cost-effective and economical in spending a budget to buy plants around the house with equally large benefits. It doesn't take many ways to get a small garden design at home, you can listen to the discussion below!

A small garden in the corner of the house


Although a small garden with a very mini space, it is not wrong to design a garden with a simple arrangement like this. You can arrange plants with different color models as seen. The beautiful atmosphere of various ornamental plants without flowers becomes a beautiful focal point that includes natural stone spreading around it. 

Small garden with Calathea Luthea


The empty atmosphere around the house will be boring without decorations. To get beautiful small garden design, you can make a small garden with Calathea Luthea ornamental plants on the edge of the walls of the house. TO make it more interesting, you can cover the land with ornamental grass or synthetic for a relaxing place on the weekend. The complete with bean bag for fresh summer.

Yard with steeping stone


Designing a small garden at home is very easy to do. Even small, large land can be covered with ornamental grass that is fresh garden charming. You can add steeping stone to the footing so that it does not feel wet. Plants also shady to avoid excessive heat.

Combine it with a fishpond


Still with a small land size, this functional landscape design has a beautiful arrangement. The combination of ornamental plants with fishpond can be one of the interesting inspiration to try. You can arrange ornamental plants on the edge of the pool with a matching pot of white color.

Design of a small garden outside the fence


If you often ignore the fence area in the house without the element of greening that will give a heat effect. This time, just change by making  a mini garden like this. Make a barrier with a size of 1.5 x 2 m to place various type of plant. This is one way to get fresh air around the house and free from pollution.

Aesthetic dry garden concept


The following simple small garden order uses cactus as the main material, with the letter L-shape cactus planted on the edge of the natural stone wall. In addition, the seating of this cast material is made like garden in general for an interesting effect.

A small garden on the balcony


The nest area that can be used to make a home garden is the balcony. Utilizing the balcony of the house with an open concept like this will help with natural refreshment. Starting from natural stone, plants cornered neatly arranged using aesthetic clay pots.

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