7 Plant Filled Living Rooms for Serious Decor Inspiration

 Homiful.com - Living room area is the good place to make many activities. Moreover, living room is the place that have good area to converged and making this area for assembly point. You can fill this living room with beautiful plants that intended to make beautiful living room and make lively atmosphere.

Here, Homiful.com will giving you about 7 Plant Filled Living Rooms for Serious Decor Inspiration that can make you inspire. Let's see together!

Filled Scandinavian Living Room Feel Fresh with Plants

By : Instagram/designbydiscovery

This living room has Scandinavian style have look awesome. You can decorate this living room to make lively by filled plants. Set the plants at the corner of the living room, or you can place the plants behind the Television. You can select dry plants too, that can support the style in this living room.

Use Vines and Monstera to Filled Living Room

By : Instagram/lepetitjungle

Your television area looks fresh and amazing. With the floor that using vinyl, you have warm atmosphere. But, if you want to have lively atmosphere, you can fill this living room with plants. Such as potted plants, vines, Monstera, or dry plants. You can put the potted plants at the mini chair, and you can make grow vines in top of the Television area.

Put Potted Plants to Filled Living Room

By : Instagram/lumberjackplants

Another inspiration to filled living room is you can create shelves by yourself that have wooden materials. You can use this shelves to place the plants or some ornament in your living room. Then, you can add mini chair beside these shelves that can you used to fill the plants. 

Peace Lily in Your Cleanly Living Room

By : Instagram/lumysglamhomedecor

If you have a bright living room, you can fill the living room with some plants or flower. To make match with the interior design, you can put peace lily that have white color or yellow to fill this living room. Or you can place some plants or flower that have bright color or fresh green color to make pretty decoration and lively atmosphere.

D├ęcor Inspiration Filled Patch Rack with Plants in Your Living Room

By : Instagram/mydarktwistedplantasy

If you have a small living room, but you want to fill it with plants, you can attach shelves. You can get the shelves with create it by yourself, or you can buy. Then pair the shelves at the wall with nice setup. Put your mini potted plants in these shelves. And for the big potted plants, you can place it around the wall. So, you have lively atmosphere and feel fresh in your living room.

Plants Everywhere to Filled Living Room

By : Instagram/scandinordica

You have confused where are you placed plants filled living room? Just placed the plants everywhere in your living room area. You can put at the tables, television area, sealing area, or another you like to place. Then, you can make nice setup to these plants that can make you have beautiful view.

Filled Living Room with Plants in Spot Area

By : Instagram/twentyfourcentral

If you have space area at your living room, you can use this space area to filled with plants. You can create the patch rack that can you attach at the top of the wall. Then, you can place the plants rack to make the setup in this living room have cleanly and beautiful view. If you want to place the plants at the table to make decoration, you can put it too.

There are 7 Plant Filled Living Rooms for Serious Decor Inspiration that can make you inspire. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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