7 Living Room Trend That Might Last

7 Living Room Trend That Might Last

Homiful.com -- The living room is an important part of the home and is a representation on every different homeowner. Many living room decorations are a choice because the design is simple but still modeled and look elegant. To have a living room that is trending throughout the year requires the right idea and arrangement.

Such as the selection of sofas, chairs, tables or interior lights. You can adjust the needs of the furniture according to the style and size of the living room in the house.

Minimalist living room design with lemon yellow paint


Starting from the minimalist living room, that is the following trend. The color of the interior of the fresh lemon yellow walls with the blends of olive sofas is more beautiful to look at. The dominance of almost the same color can indeed make you feel fresher without different contrast.

South Korean Living room design


Minimalist living room design in South Korea is currently much in demand. Functional interiors such as sofa beds or folding tables are one of its characteristics. In addition, the selection of minimalist colors such as white gray and yellow is very supportive of the design of the South Korean-style living room. You can add similar decorations, such as wooden furniture that does not have many motifs.

Contrasting industrial living room design


The use of exposed concrete elements as walls or floors becomes the basis for industrialist-style interiors. Living room with exposed concrete walls are left without finishing to show beautiful print details. The selection of sofa decoration with navy blue color provides a more concentrated living room contrast. As well as a unique table that can be used in decorations to other functional.

Minimalist living room design, beige feel


To get spacious and more memorable living room design. Interior with a beige feel can be an option. Wall details use a beautifully patterned list combined with wood paneling as a sweetener.

Japandi living room design


As is known, Japandi style houses tend to be with a minimalist and functional concept. The same is true in this living room, using makeshift furniture with a strong Japandi theme. You can put enough space.

Pastel living room design trend


In contrast to the previous design, the living room is quite contrasting as the selection of dark gray sofas combined with pastel walls are very compatible as beautiful decorations. Elegant color games with beautiful cushion motifs can be one of the options to show a modern living room and a trend among many home decor lovers. 

Bright living room and lots of decorations


Adding decorations for a beautiful living room can be from the selection of furniture or the interior of the space. Sofa shape L with many cushions selected to provide a living room that is memorably festive and warm. You can use a variety of beautiful decorations such as family photos and maximize lighting from the window of the room to be away from the stuffy impression.

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