7 Kitchen Trend That are Dominating

Homiful.com -- Want to update or remodeling the kitchen in your home? In this year, there are many kitchen trends that you can adapt one or two ideas to make the kitchen more fun and enjoyable. The latest trend for kitchen design is a modern kitchen design. A modern kitchen is now one of the design that are becoming a trend in the community, especially minimalist homes. The modern kitchen design is combining the purpose and personality of the occupants of the house. That way, the kitchen trends will become more widely. But the most important of all, the kitchen trend will create a homey impression.

We've gathered some ideas about today's kitchen trends from various resource. Here are 7 kitchen trend that are dominating

Contrasting Cabinets

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Contrasting cabinetry color add dramatic effect to the kitchen. Navy blue-bottom cabinet and pink top cabinet enhance the visual appealing. Both combinations also make the kitchen more stylish. The choice of neutral colors on the countertop and backsplash work as color link between the navy blue and soft pink cabinetry.  This kitchen trend even looks perfect for kitchen design in a small space.

Green Kitchen That's So Inviting


Currently, green color is a trend for minimalist home kitchen design. Use green to bring a fresh, natural atmosphere, into the space. You can apply it into the choice of wall paint color or kitchen appliances color. As a complement, you can use countertop and cabinetry design in white. This white color works as a color balancer, so that your kitchen remains bright, fresh and airy. It is also okay to put some greenery in the green kitchen design. 

Matching The Backsplash and The Countertop


Matching the backsplash and the countertop are a good idea to have a seamless and streamline kitchen.  It is also a practical way to save on kitchen renovation cost. You can use the same material, both for countertop and backsplash. The matching countertop and backsplash extend the kitchen space, so it looks more spacious than before.

Smart Compact Kitchen Design


The kitchen today is not only a place to cook but also a place to prepare food, enjoy food, do office work or even a playroom. That's why, many kitchens are made using the principle of multi-functional space.

Cabinet shelves along one wall are a great way to streamline and open up space. Another vertical space is used to install floating shelves to put a variety of cooking spices or bottles of favorite drinks. There's nothing wrong with putting down a kitchen island. You can choose a portable kitchen island model that can be moved according to your needs.

Earthy Tone Kitchen Design


Many kitchens bring natural elements into the kitchen. The use of various appliances and furniture is chosen in an environmentally friendly design. That's why, many kitchen designs are applying an earthy tone theme kitchen. The earthy tone elements include the kitchen furniture materials, cookware and kitchen decorations. Some greenery must be presented to create a fresh air in the kitchen. So, the use of natural elements will certainly make the kitchen feel warm and cozy.

The Fresh Outdoor Kitchen Design


According to Zillow, homes with an outdoor kitchen sell nearly 30% more than expected. Somehow, it shows that outdoor kitchen designs are back on trend. Designing an outdoor kitchen provide a more fun and pleasant cooking activities. It's a good idea for those of you who like cooking in a more spacious space with a lot of fresh air. 

Open Shelving for Decor


Currently, kitchen trends incorporate top cabinets next to open shelves. This combination will make the kitchen more spacious and dimensional. Open shelves become a suitable place to put some kitchen spices. Surprisingly, open shelving are also very fitting to display kitchen decor like succulents or decorative frame that will refresh the kitchen look.



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