7 Inspiring Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen Cabinet

7 Inspiring Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Homiful.com -- Cooking activities will be more comfortable if required with a kitchen cabinet. In addition to its function as a storage space for various cooking furniture, foodstuffs to kitchen spice. Cabinet are important to get a complete kitchen and look modern. Whether for small or large kitchens, cabinets have an important function as storage as the should. With a modern look, you can find inspiration below!

Scandinavian-style kitchen cabinet


The design of the kitchen cabinet of this minimalist white finishing wood material looks compatible with the kitchen table in the kitchen. The letter L kitchen model was deliberately chosen to get free movement space without tightness. You can suffocate the kitchen cabinet with its size to stay comfortable when used.

Kitchen with a bottom cabinet, simple


Make sure the cooking activities are fun in the kitchen. Like the dreams of many people, the design of a kitchen without a top cabinet you can replace with a bottom cabinet only. It's okay if you have to sacrifice the kitchen wall, you can maximize it as natural lighting to be much more open and make the cooking atmosphere calmer.

Elegant kitchen dark gray color


For those of you who avoid the kitchen with white color for a dirty impression. Just change it with dark colors in the cabinet or the interior as a whole. You can store cooking electronics such as an upper oven to combine at once with a laundry room to be more efficient. 

Modern industrialist style kitchen 


The selection of kitchen layout on an open concept like this can be tried. Kitchen appliances with beautiful modern cabinets with cooker hood add to the interior of the kitchen is increasingly sophisticated. You can leave the interior of the kitchen with elegant colors and more classy with gray and a warm touch of wood material.

Blend of cabinet with display rack


To maximize kitchen space, you can use the maximum cabinet at the top and bottom. But if it feels less, one more storage space you can try. Add one arm of display rack on the backsplash intact as a place for kitchen spices.

Pay attention to the distance of the kitchen cabinet and kitchen table


To prioritize the functional kitchen, cabinet arrangement made thoroughly following the shape of the kitchen are very easy to do. You can overcome cooking activities more comfortably by adding a distance between the kitchen table and cabinet about 50 cm only.

Pastel shades, One-side kitchen cabinet


If possible, the kitchen cabinet is made according to the shape of the kitchen. To get a beautiful design, you can choose one side of the wall only to make a kitchen cabinet that is intact and maximal. Choose with the L model cabinet connected to the bottom area like this design. Less use of furniture in excess so that the look of the kitchen is more neat and beautiful.

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