7 Enviable Outdoor Kitchens For Every Yard

Homiful.com -- When determining the kitchen design, you should know the needs of you and your family in terms of the kitchen use. If you want a relaxing kitchen that has a lot of light access and air circulation, then outdoor kitchen design can be chosen for your home. The outdoor kitchen is not always outside the house, which is separate completely from the main house. For adaptable outdoor kitchen, you can make use of the side yard or empty terrace near the open area to create an outdoor kitchen design. 

So, if you are looking for outdoor kitchen design that is simple and adaptable for your yard, keep reading for 7 Enviable Outdoor Kitchens For Every Yard.

Black and red outdoor kitchen design


An outdoor kitchen is not entirely dirty, muddy and hard to realize. You can make an outdoor kitchen that simple but elegant. The empty space on the yard, you can use it to place a set of kitchen furniture in red color. While for the flooring is chosen in chessboard pattern. That way, the kitchen will look better than empty yard. 

If you are afraid the kitchen will muddy when the rain comes, then it is better to install additional roof like polycarbonate roof that can avoid the raindrops wet the kitchen space.

An outdoor kitchen next to the patio


An outdoor kitchen is perfectly placed next to the garden or patio. The fresh air from the garden will help the kitchen atmosphere to be fresher. It is also the best, when you hold a barbecue party or celebrating New Year's Eve. You can cook together with your family member, while enjoying the rest of the year.

An outdoor kitchen that separate from the main house


The outdoor kitchen indeed good separate from the main interior. You can use an open yard for a kitchen as well as a minimalist dining room. The outdoor kitchen that directly facing the open area will allow the natural light to brighten up the kitchen space. 

In terms of kitchen furniture design, this outdoor kitchen does not use the top cabinet. The top cabinet is replaced with small floating shelves to hold the decorations and the cooking spices. The kitchen also does not have a cooker hood. This way, the homeowner wish that the cooking smoke won't disturb the other family member. Due to reason that the kitchen not united with the living spaces.

A small and practical outdoor kitchen


The outdoor kitchen is not entirely dirty, muddy and troublesome. A little creation will make the small outdoor kitchen function properly. If you are worried about the rat or insect will stay at your outdoor kitchen, make sure you close the cooking box tightly. In addition, either an open kitchen or an indoor kitchen must always be cleaned so as not to invite rat, insect or bad microorganism to the kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen with rustic look


An outdoor kitchen, with exposed red brick and traditional wood elements, will certainly bring us a little nostalgic in the kitchen of old times. The kitchen is in a bright outdoor area. The kitchen design is made in casual concept. The wooden benches are placed along the kitchen countertop. These benches can be used as a dining chair or chair to enjoy a cup of favorite drink while chatting casually in this yard.

Earthy tone outdoor kitchen design


The outdoor kitchen can be designed with earthy tone theme. Earthy tone bring shades of wood as well as natural colors, such as white, beige and gray. The kitchen furniture used wood materials with its natural appearance. The beige and wooden materials make this kitchen have a nature vibe that look better next to the green space.

Breathable outdoor kitchen


The outdoor kitchen is designed to produce a breathable kitchen. The kitchen blends seamlessly with the open garden next to it. This design helps keep the air circulation in the kitchen maintained naturally. The integrated inner and outer areas will result in spacious kitchen space by utilizing natural light.

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