7 Dreamy Tree Houses Inspiration

7 Dreamy Tree Houses Inspiration

Homiful.com -- Who says it's a tree house for kids only? The purpose of making a tree house can also be used by adults, when daily work is covered. Of course, a tree house can be a hidden float. In addition to escaping the noise of the city, you can make the min more calm and peaceful. To find the inspiration of a sturdy and attractive tree house, you can listen to some examples below!

Tree houses with goblin house


This unique tree house design looks to have a neat arrangement of goblin house combination that are usually hidden in the ground. One small swath of treehouse remains, complete with doors and windows, this is very interesting for healing space weekends. You can choose a tree house as a way to end a difficult day with a feeling of calm again.

Unique tree house design


It is different from the previous tree house design. A unique display like this cartoon is made in the tourist area, so you only need to rent if for a few nights. You can use this tree house for a vacation with family by satisfying happiness here for a while.

Tree houses with circular stairs


If you like weekends with vacation activities, this tree house could be the end of the escape. In a unique design with a circular staircase that surround the tree with wood material. The natural atmosphere with a house at the top of the tree becomes very interesting if this you have your own. In addition, you can prepare a tree house for old age and be passed on to children.

Modern tree house in the middle of the forest


No matter how modern the tree house you want, natural element are still the main ingredient to make a tree house n the middle of the forest. The model s high with wooden walls as well as distinctive and unique clay roof. You can design a rash of trees that have a balcony to gather and party together at the end of the year.

Unique tree house


The following tree house design has a unique rood model of geometric shaped wooden arrangement. Tree houses like this do not have to be made yourself behind the house, you can rent it at tourist attractions. With a unique look, each tree house is given access to one house to another.

Brick wall tree house


If the previous tree house design uses wooden walls for the impression of being covered. This time it looks different, using a brick arrangement with an elegant pitch black tile roof.  A stair is made and arranged periodically to facilitate accents to the tree house. Not forgetting ventilation as a circular launcher, you can make one balcony space for more modern look.

Beehive tree house 


The unique design of this tree house is made with a round shape resembling a hanging beehive. Neatly arranged wood panels are made for unique home walls as well as one ventilation. It is also equipped with wooden stairs for easy access.

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