7 Creative Storage Bed Ideas That Space Saving

7 Creative Storage Bed Ideas That Space Saving

Homiful.com -- Have a bedroom that is not too spacious can be tricked with a neat arrangement and minimize the furniture in it. Minimalist storage can also make the space not more comfortable to rest. But share the way to get a neatly organized bedroom, even with a small size. You can make interesting storage in all corners of the bedroom. Whatever the design is, let's review the beautiful arrangement below!

Turn headboard bed into mini bookshelf


To maximize the beautiful bedroom, you can use the headboard as the maximum storage space. With a neat sealing, each headboard has another functional on the top. You can make storage like this to minimize furniture in a small bedroom.

Three drawers under the bed


If you still want to maximize a small bedroom by minimizing the use of furniture, the following methods can be an option. Use the bed as a storage place. Queen bed with a three drawer bed at the bottom is very capable to be used as a store of personal items.

Minimalist storage room of sleep


Instead of using cabinets, utilizing several other multifunctional areas furniture can be selected custom on some home appliance providers, One of them chose a bed that has three drawers with a long shape of two levels. You can experiments again by allowing a minimalist nightstand and some beautiful decoration in the form of mirrors for a spacious impression.

Extra bedroom storage space


You don't have to use a closet to store clothes. Like strengthening storage under this maximum bed, it is suitable for use in children's rooms. You can have extra storage on the side to the end of the bed for storage.

Expensive creative storage beds 


The appearance of the bedroom shades of purple for the maximum bed is selected which has storage on the side, Use a single bed if the room is for children or a guest room. You can complete with other storage models standing with functional sleeves to put a bag or jacket.

Maximum storage bed to store the mattress


If in the previous, bed has a storage space in the form of three drawers and more. This storage bed is functional to hide the bed at the bottom. You can choose some other drawer used to store shoes or other important documents.

Simple storage bed that saves


Saving room for the room needs to be done. So that other space are maximized for study tables and free spaces. Then you can use the side of the bed for storage such as school and children's clothes.

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