7 Creative Garden Ideas for Urban Home

Homiful.com -- Living in a densely populated urban area, it is indeed quite difficult to get green open space as a home garden, especially for those of you who live in small houses or apartments. But, it doesn't mean you can't have a  beautiful garden in your resident. There are many ways to make a garden for the urban home. You just need simple garden elements to make ones. So, in this page, we would like to show you 7 Creative Garden Ideas for Urban Home.

Beautiful Veranda Garden


A veranda, you can use it as a place to keep and display your favorite houseplants. On the floor, you can place grass rugs with wooden platform flooring. Put the greenery on the floor and on the stacking shelf to display your plants. The green leaves with red leaves of the plants make this veranda look so fresh. Instantly, a veranda is also can be used as a garden for urban home.

A Rooftop Garden


If you run out of open green land on the ground, create a fresh garden in a vertical space. Not a vertical garden, but a garden that you design on the rooftop. The design of the garden can be made with a dry garden model for easy care. Just put a grass carpet and some plants in the pots to refresh your rooftop garden. Use a metal roof to protect the garden from dirt falling from above. Place a set of wooden benches and tables to accompany your leisure time.

A Minimalist Zen Garden


Water release can give your mind a piece of mind. So if possible try bringing out the water element in your urban home. You can build a minimalist pond garden in your home. You can fill the pond with fish or water flowers. Place a seating set to make you able to enjoy the tranquility of your minimalist zen garden.

Play with Colors


Even if it is small, a garden should be presented in an urban house. It is good to make the atmosphere of the home feel fresh. A garden is also can be used as place to escape from super busy days. Enhance the visual of the garden by playing with color combinations. For a minimalist, green garden, you don't need to hesitate to choose garden furniture in yellow color. The yellow things will help to brighten up the garden space. 

Garden Landscaping with Rocks


Patio-style dry garden. The concept of dry garden is perfect for urban home. This is because the dry garden is easy to care, clean and simple. It is also easy to make one. The garden soil is covered in sand, plastic nets and then sown white pebbles. Cactus plants and Calathea lutea are chosen to provide a clear statement and fresh garden visual.

A Vertical Garden That Saves Space


Use the vertical space to display your plants. You can attach the potted plants to the garden wall. Hang some vines or other houseplants to the frame of the garden roof.

Since you're going to use a garden wall, design the garden wall with an attractive look. For example, lining the walls with wooden planks. This wooden plank is also very suitable for attaching the potted plants.

Use Simple and Affordable Furniture


You can save on the cost of upgrading your garden with simple things. For instance, the seating design for urban garden. You don't need to buy a new seating. You can cover the remaining wooden boards at home with clean cloths to make a seating in the garden. Place the cushions on it, so you can sit back and relax more comfortably.

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