7 Creative Backyard Gazebo Ideas

7 Creative Backyard Gazebo Ideas

Homiful.com -- Looking for inspiration about the back garden of a house that has a gazebo is no less important to build other parts of the house. As a place to rest, gather and also quality time with family, gazebo has many benefits and functions that you can feel. You can apply gazebo has many benefits and functions that you can feel. You can apply gazebo for the design of the back garden of the house to beautify the look of the yard. In other alternatives, gazebo can also be used as a place to receive guest with an outdoor concept. Of course, building a gazebo needs a large enough land to get the concept of a beautiful outdoor garden equipped with a variety of fresh ornamental plant. What the design looks like, you can choose on the idea below!

Gazebo near the pool


If you have a large area near the pool, adding a gazebo around it can not be an offer anymore. You can choose a modern gazebo design with wooden panels has a top cover, such as the concept of a villa or homestay in general. To make it more comfortable, put a soft sofa cushion to  relax more comfortably in the summer.

Backyard of the house with rural gazebo


Whatever the design of the backyard of the house you have, building a gazebo can provide comfort when calming the mind here. This rural gazebo  model is chose form a natural wooden structure that is quite spacious. The roof of clay tile adds a natural nuance that is grounded. Although rural style, gazebo design like this can give you the right place to gather with family at home.

Gazebo idea with membrane roof


Having a large backyard with a fresh expanse of green grass will provide a positive effect for homeowner. Moreover, if you are e family that likes to like the atmosphere of gathering with family on weekends. Of course, a home garden with gazebo is always the choice. This open gazebo model with membrane roof has a modern design complete with lounge chairs. This borderless landscape can be used to grow various ornamental plants or productive plants such as fruits and vegetables.

Elegant minimalist gazebo


Warm impression to gather in the gazebo behind this house looks charming. Pyramid roof model was chosen to impress unique and magnificent even with a small size. This very comfortable gazebo is equipped with long chairs and functional cushions to receive guests. Around the gazebo full of plants will certainly bring fresh air and dampen the heat.

Gazebo with coral stone landscape


The landscape of the house covered with coral rocks carriers the concepts of a functional dry garden as a catchment. Not forgetting the minimalist gazebo with a relaxing chair of earthy wood material, the back garden of this open house remains shady with the presence of a large tree useful as a carrier of oxygen during the day.

Gazebo on the balcony of a minimalist house


Have a home gazebo does not have to be for those who have a backyard house with a large size only. But you can make a minimalist gazebo in the balcony area that is rarely used for relaxing places, and this applies to you second floor homeowners. Minimalist and concept gazebo design incorporated with a garden table equipped with chairs at once.

Minimalist gazebo with Mediterranean decoration


To be more vibrant for the back garden at home, building a gazebo can be the solution. Besides being comfortable for a relaxing place, you can do party activities with friends or just unwind. Mediterranean style decorations are chosen to display a festive impression with a variety of trinkets.

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