7 Clever Plans for Tiny Apartments


Homiful.com -- If you live in an apartment, it is certainly identical to the limited space. Its small size is suitable for those of you who live alone until  newly married couple.

The size is minimalist, making you have to design the room as well and comfortable as possible. For your reference, let's first look at "7 clever plans for  tiny apartments" that you can easily apply below!

Simple but comfortable living room design 

The minimalist-style living room designed simply without much decoration, offering maximum comfort. The use of dark gray sofas makes the living room look more stylish.
So that the living room that has a size of 2x2 meters is more lively, you can add greenery decoration.

Kitchen design with a touch of white 

The white-dominated kitchen is still a favorite for tiny apartments owners. In addition to making the kitchen look cleaner, it also givers the impression the impression of a small kitchen looks more spacious.

Dining room that blends into the kitchen

There are various ways to get around small rooms, one of which is by applying he concept of open plan. Combining dining room and kitchen will certainly help you in saving space. Both activities will also be more effective and efficient.

Dining room that blends into the kitchen


The bathroom is not only functioned for bathing, but you can use it as a comfortable relaxation place. Therefore, you can design the bathroom as best you can. The presence of greenery decoration gives a cooler bathroom atmosphere.

Bedroom design with window

The presence of windows in the bedroom is small and proven to make the impression of a more spacious room. In addition, air circulation can run smoothly so that it will improve the quality of your sleep. Very comfortable, isn't it?

Comfortable TV room design

The design of this TV room is designed with a touch a Japanese Style. The use of carpets instead of sofas makes the room feel more spacious. Well, you can combine it with several cushions to get maximum comfort.

The room feels more spacious mirror decoration

In a fairy narrow room, you can use the decoration the form of a mirror to make the reflection of the room look more spacious. Well, you can choose a mirror model with a beautiful design to embellish the look of the residence.

Arranging choosing tiny apartment interior do need you to pay attention to get maximum comfort. Thank you for listening to the article until the end, hopefully this article is useful and can be one of the references for you.

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