7 Classic and Soothing Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

Homiful.com -- Who doesn't want to own a garden that seems aesthetic and feel so fresh? In this time, a garden can be one of the freshest spot that we can enjoy every day. So, what makes a garden feel so fresh and look so aesthetic? One of the answer is to provide water element in the garden. Water in the garden could give you a  fresh and cool space. Hearing the sound of water add a sense of nature, give tranquility and make a garden look so dynamic. In addition to garden pond, an outdoor water fountain is the best way to bring water element to the garden. 

Many outdoor water fountains have a beautiful design, that will make the garden look so aesthetic. You can also make your own outdoor water fountain with affordable supplies. This article encourages you that adding an outdoor water fountain will make the garden look better than ever.

a Rain Shower Fountain

credit to yorkshirewaterfeatures.co.uk

It looks superb, doesn't it? The design is simple but the rain-like water feature makes it look amazing to be placed in any garden.  Under the rain shower fountain is place black rocks that strengthen the natural ambience. You can also add the waterproof LED strip light along the water line to create a dramatic visual effect of the dripping water.

Vintage wooden bucket fountain

credit to haleys_cozy_home

For those of you who like fountains with an antique impression, this design you can try. You can use water faucets made to resemble old-fashioned water pumps. Underneath, place the wooden buckets in a tiered arrangement so that the falling water is more visible. This fountain is very suitable to be placed in the corner of a green garden space.

Spiral water fountains with mini tornado in it

credit to diyandmag.com

There's no limit to creating a water element in your home's garden design, even in a small houses. With imagination and latest technology, you can even present a spiral fountain with a slight tornado spiral effect in the middle. Some water spins, other fall like crystal clear water curtains.

Stone-head shaped water fountain

credit to instagram/vantiki

A classic and soothing outdoor water fountain can also be realized easily  and small sizes. You can adapt this kind of water fountain in your garden. All you need is stones, strong round tray,  stone-head water bearer, an adequate waterway. You just need to arrange the stones in round arrangement above the round tray. Then, place the stone-head water bearer as the center of this outdoor water fountain.

Stone water fountain

credit to etsy

Stone and water are the perfect combination for an outdoor fountain. The design looks simple, but it's this simplicity that makes it seem expensive. This is because this stone fountain has a natural rough texture, with water emerging from the center of the rock. Being among the stone elements below, makes this stone fountain the main focal point in this garden.

Classic outdoor water fountain

credit to instagram/thecharminghare

Fountains have been around for centuries. The design of a fountain like this is arguably a classic fountain design. But, instead of supporting it with a solid buffer, you can just put it on the ground. This fountain of copper material also appear to shine in the sun. It's perfect to keep your garden fresh and cool, even in summer.

The elegant copper fountain

credit to thecoppersculptor.co.uk

Copper  is a material safe when come into contact with water and weather changes over a long period of time. In addition, copper is easily formed into a modern and up-to-date design of outdoor water fountain. As in the picture above. Copper is formed to resemble a tree that are able to produce water on each branch. Copper color that looks like gold color is also able to make this fountain look more classy and elegant.

Another Copper Water Fountain

credit to primrose.uk

In addition to resembling the shape of a wide leaf, copper can also be formed like a tree with small and lush foliage. The idea of this fountain resulted in a smaller water drops that looks like a drizzle. The water drops are directly accommodated in a large copper bowl just below this fountain tree.

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