7 Bungalow Houses for a Simple Living

Homiful.com -- We usually find bungalows in tourist or rural locations, with a simple style, beautiful, and has a fairly wide dimension. The shape does seem so simple with a sloping roof, dormer windows and veranda. But it is the simplicity that can make many people make the bungalow as a favorite place to stay. 

The good thing is you can have your own bungalow. The shape of the bungalow that tends to be small does not need to take up too much space because this kind of house is relatively simple. This house is very suitable as a place to get away from super busy days.

Fun and Aesthetic Bungalow Design


The bungalow usually have a simple size. You can maximize the function of the bungalow by arranging the space that suit your needs. Veranda can be used as place to bask in the sun or relaxing with your loved one. Besides the function, pay attention to the design and aesthetic of the bungalow that you will build. Like the bungalow design above. It has aesthetic look with wooden material and high dormer window.

Green Bungalow House

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No need to go board, if you can do a staycation in your home. Create a bungalow house with a fresh green rustic feel. It would be great if your bungalow was also surrounded by a large green open space. Just install hammock in veranda area to enjoy the fresh air.

A Bedroom Design for Bungalow House


Not only the exterior design of a bungalow house that you need to carefully consider. For the interior design such as the bedroom, make sure you choose the best design for best comfort. You can adapt the design of this bedroom. It looks simple, but the room has maximum access to natural light and fresh air.

The Modern Bungalow House


Bungalows can also be a comfortable permanent residence, especially if you are single or have a small family. Use the modern minimalist design in your home. Although, it is simple, but you can create a comfortable house using a simpler form of building. Just provide a veranda in your home to make it look like a bungalow house.


Loft Room Design for Space-saving


A bungalow is usually built in small form. That's why, it is the best to create the interior with loft design. The upper room can be used as a bedroom or other room that require more privacy. While, the lower room can be used as shared rooms like kitchen, living room to bathroom.


Javanese Bungalow House


Each place has a different bungalow design to each other. One of them, the design of bungalows typical of Javanese, Indonesia. This bungalow is built a box with a clay roof tile that gives the impression of rustic in the house. Under the roof there are wooden tassels to make it look more unique.

The Back Porch of the Bungalow House


If it is not possible to design a veranda in front of the house, you can have a veranda at the back of the house. Make use of this veranda as a space to relax with the family. Create a simple room design to support simple living. Use wooden furniture on the porch of your house to support the impression of rustic carried in this bungalow house.

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