7 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Homiful.com -- Placing some plants in the bathroom is no longer a strange sound. There are plants that will grow better in the bathroom. It is due to bathroom is warm and humid environments. Plant in the bathroom also bring many benefits. Plants help to eliminate unpleasant odors, maintain moisture and provide fresher bathroom visual. For those of you who are planning to decorate the bathroom with plants, let's see 7 Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom!

The best golden pothos


This type of vine is easy to live in any medium, both soil and water. Its adaptable nature makes golden pothos suitable for being in the bathroom. Available water intake and high humidity levels will make this plant healthier. You can put the golden pothos in a floating rack. These dangling leaves will make the bathroom more beautiful.

The minimalist air plant


Air plants have a unique specialty. The leaves can obtain the water and nutrients they need to survive from the air. The air plant can thrive in a moderate to high humidity and bright indirect light. That's why, this plant will be suitable to be placed in your bathroom. 

Cute, tiny succulents


Make use of the tank cover of the toilet as a place to display your tiny plants. There are some succulents prefer moderate humidity, so those succulents will do well in a bathroom with indirect light. You may water them water three times at a week. The succulents will make a clear statement in your bathroom.

The beautiful monstera


Monstera plants are identical in the shape of beautiful leaves. It is also known to thrive in many environments, including the bathroom. No need to worry, monstera can also grow well in various humidity levels. In addition to its beautiful visuals, monstera can absorb pollutants in the room, so it is able to keep the air in the bathroom cool and clean.

The affordable snake plants


This bathroom already looks bright and vibrant thanks to the beautiful decor. To be more comfortable, the owner put sansvieria or snake plants in the bathroom. Sansvieria has been shown to absorb toxins and air odors, thus making the air cleaner. This plant is also easy to grow even in a room with low sunlight, such as in the bathroom.

A small palm plant


Palm plants can be used as one of the right plants for the bathroom. This plant is good for cleaning the polluted air. It can be said to be a natural filter. Place this bamboo palm in the corner of the room with a brightly colored pot.

The stunning orchid


No one can resist the beauty of the orchid. You can place an orchid flower in the table sink. Although orchids grow healthy in humid conditions, the natural lighting is also an important key to its survival. Make sure you put the plant in a bathroom area that has a window to access the natural light.

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