7 Best Choice Coffee Station Ideas for Small Space

7 Best Choice Coffee Station Ideas for Small Space

Homiful.com -- Having a coffee shop for most households is very important these days. Coffee as a friend to read or when talking casually with friends become a popular drink and widely consumed today. Moreover, your are a coffee lover. The need to make a coffee corner at home, you can try to make it easier for you without having to go out or order coffee that will cause more distribution that usual. Just look at the following interesting ideas!

Coffee corner merges with the kitchen 


Coffee shops rooms at home do not have to be of a large size to make it. You can combine with the kitchen to save space. Simply make the placement of coffee and sugar roofing glasses on shelves and tables. Also add with a glass hanger for a number of cups and other coffee-pouring tools.

Tiny coffee shop design in the corner of the kitchen table


Making a coffee shop a little requires some new tools. You only need a small place or storage for glass and also coffee grounds, sugar to small spoons. Place at the corner of the kitchen table for the efficiency of space that is not wasted.

Simple coffee shop


In addition to without using a table, you can get a small shelf to store glasses or cups from unused shelves. Beautify with the selection of natural wood materials, you can place on different areas in the kitchen. You must still close the storage of the coffee maker with the glass rack to become an identity according to its function.

Interesting coffee corner


If you do not have a shelf to store glass or cup, take advantage of the corner of the room to be used as a small coffee shop. How the dictionary can get a small table letter L that looks like meatballs. Place a header making machine with a number of other appendages such as milk, sugar  and cream. Mark if this room is a coffee with photos or posters placed around the wall.

Coffee shop with storage cabinet


To make a small coffee shop at home, you can use the cabinet on a kitchen set like this. If you use it to store cups, you can create a coffee shop with a hidden concept. It will be practical again if you use the backsplash wall as a place for cups with hanging models.

Coffee shop with patterns


The idea of creating the next small coffee shop with a patterned theme for the use of glasses, cup or cans of cream, sugar and milk can be addressed. Beautiful concept like this is very thick with attractive vintage nuances, you can combine with soft pink cups, soft cream and other. 

Coffee shop with a combination of minimalist color


A beautiful blend of colors for the corner of your coffee at home can use neutral colors like this. Dominated by white, you can apply some wood materials for the use of shelves as a storage space. Add some sticky model shelves, you can equalize the choice of cups with white color to look fused between the walls of the space.

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