7 Amazing Beautiful Pergola Ideas

7 Best Beautiful Pergola Ideas

Homiful.com -- The scorching heat of the sun often makes many people reluctant to relax in the garden of their own home. Which should be one of the most comfortable and pleasant areas to relax in. Well, one way to solve it, you can use a wooden pergola which is a skeleton placed on the yard or garden of the house for shades. If you are interested in the idea of a beautiful pergola, the recommended material below could be the review of it below.

 Pergola wood with asbestos roof


This wooden pergola is arguably the most standard model. Pergola wood with asbestos roof looks beautiful with some ornamental plants to give an interesting effect around it. In addition, you can also put a mirror to add a broad effect. Complete with sofa or chair along with soft pads to be comfortable. So that even when the day is more romantic, you can add maximum lighting that is suitable for dinner tired with a partner.

Light steel pergola with red cloth


In some houses, having a back garden will usually be used as a gathering place on big days such as Christmas or New Year. To make activities more comfortable and protected from sunlight, this lightweight steel pergola and red fabric were chosen to give an attractive look. You can make this pergola scattered from the table or other furniture.

Elegant lightweight steel pergola


For those of you who like the concept of minimalism and elegance, this lightweight steel pergola can be the inspiration. Light steel pergola model of solid black color and contemporary will be very beautiful if equipped with a sofa as a seat. You can decorate this pergola with various decorations in the form of rattan or just a light bulb for lighting at night. 

Minimalist wood pergola


The following ideas are one of the best and commonly applied to minimalist houses. Using a fairly tight wooden arrangement, to provide maximum protection. The functional area below can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, complete with long tables and chairs. To make it more charming, you can install exterior or spotlights to unique exposed brick walls.

Simple minimalist wood pergola


This wood pergola designed with a very simple  model has only a few wooden arrangements and four poles as a buffer. To display an aesthetic look, you can use a white cloth roof as a protector. With a slick decoration, you can equip with a variety of furniture such as sofas, lounge chairs and other equipment. Although simple, the wooden pergola remains aesthetic and looks very sturdy.

Pergola wood pool area of exposed cement


Using pergola for home garden is not necessarily from wood. You can make it from a masonry as well as end with an expose cement finish. The industrial look of this pergola adds to the appeal for homeowners to relax and swim at once easier. Including the existence of a high-made pergola can make you fell more at home for a long time under.

Pergola surrounded by parks


The last model is a regular pergola with four each buffer. Minimalist finishing, with a beautiful touch from around, makes your activities gathered with family much more comfortable. The solution is quite easy, you can equip the lower area of this pergola with a functional stove to support more fun outdoor activities.

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