7 Beautifully Landscaped Home Gardens

7 Beautifully Landscaped Home Gardens

Homiful.com -- Not only as a sweetener, the yard garden become the first area that makes the house fresher with a beautiful order. Although many people ignore the existence of a home garden, its function is very important to provide natural freshness to the environment. To help you find a beautiful and attractive garden design, you can imitate the following example of design.

Simple home garden design


The design of this home garden has a beauty and fresh atmosphere because of the neat arrangement. There are not many plant ornament, some similar plants you can combine with vines that beautify the area. You can make this area open without a roof for maximum natural lighting.

Home garden design with pathway


If you want to make a home garden accent like a mini park in the middle of the city in the usual. This design idea you can try to apply. Just by giving an interesting pathway accent. You can maximize both side of this pathway to plant durable outdoor ornamental plants.

Simple home garden design


Beautiful visual produced by ornamental grass on this page you can complete other ornament. Such as a fishpond in the middle or just a garden concept with the same type of plants. To make it more interesting, you can make a round-shape garden decorated with beautiful flowers. After that, place a round fountain pool in the middle of the garden.

Garden of the house around the fence


You don't have to be on the home page to make a beautiful garden. The area around the outside of the fence like this is also very interesting to create a simple, minimalist garden concept. You can grow large taro plants or shady trees such as beautiful Plumeria trees and make the environment more shady.

Garden design with pebbles and vines


The idea of e beautiful garden  in the area around this house is not made with a festive look. But to apply an elegant impression, the land is covered using gravel for a natural and more attractive atmosphere. In want to enliven the atmosphere of the home garden. Choose some flower plant that are colorful and striking.

Garden design with broad shady trees


The spacious yard behind the house like this is precisely to be used as a swimming pool or garden. To decorate this vast page, you can use productive plants such as fruits or vegetables. A little extra, combining a fishpond with a garden, will help the home environment more beautiful and minimize the heat in the room.

Attractive dry garden design with cactus plants


The design of this last home garden is quite easy to try. Using the concept of dry garden, cactus is still the plant of choice to decorate around the garden. You can use it with other plants such as flowering plants, or vegetables that can be used for your own dishes at home.

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