7 Beautiful Varieties of Calathea

7 Beautiful Varieties of Calathea

Homiful.com -- Calathea is known as an orneamental plant with oval leaves marked by lines with a variety of dazzling colors. Because of the stripes and vines that attract attention, Calathea is often nicknamed with the zebra plant. About 100 species of Calathea have been identified in the botanical world. Various type are very many with different characteristic that make Calathea a unique plant and one of the favorite choices as an ornamental plant to have.

Here are some favorite type that can make you make a choices easier.

Calathea Musaica


This beautiful evergreen species of Calathea has amazing leaf pillar with small mosaics. Plants that love this moist place grow in a mixture of free drying pots or soil. The shape of oval leaves with a light green color that has a network of smooth patterns. This plants like this condition of peat soil with a medium level of water needs.

Calathea Medallion


Here is a favorite type of Calathea much sought after, the shape of the wide leaves tends to make it look like a meddallion. Leaves with accents of light green, dark green and white bones on the edges resemble beautiful red animal fur. The leaf pattern is very beautiful, looks like a painting of oil paint. This plant is one of the plants that has an impressive height.

Calathea Lancifolia


Calathea lancifolia or called calathea lancetolistna has a characteristic with an oval and elongated leaf shape. Green leaves with accent lines and green dots make this plant more and more in demand. The stalk of the leaves are short and look tall if planted in a pot that is almost like a bouquet in a florist.

Calathea White Fusion


It is not all difficult to identify this Calathea white fusion plant. Famous plant with a size not too high, only 30 to cm. Leaves that grow clustered or blunt with others remain neatly arranged and beautiful. The combination of white and green on the leaves is more elegant, with a combination on the bottom of the leaves that are purple.

Calathe Triostar


Although not a true Calathea plant, it is called Calathea triostar, with long a leaves that are pretty shades of white, cream and green on the top and a darker pink on the lower surface. This plant does not like bright direct light, warm temperatures and high humidity.

Calathea Zebrina


Plants with leaves decorated with stripes and light green leaf bones are characteristics of this Calathea Zebrina. Surface overgrwon with fine fur such as velvet add an elegant and attractive feel. Not only the top is striped, the bottom of the zebrina leaves is also decorated with dark green and purple stripe motifs.

Calathea Ornata


Plants with a characteristic dark green leafy with soft pink stripes look almost like this painting that is much in demand. The surface of the leaves with a white strip becomes strong with a green base color with an oval leaf shape. This plant earned the nickname Calathea femme fatele because of its feminine appearance.

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