7 Beautiful Climbing Plants for Your Pergola

Homiful.com -- We believe that the beautiful climbing plants will beautify your pergola. A pergola with beautiful plants around it will feel shady and create a cozy and fresh atmosphere. You can enjoy the summer vibe beneath it. You just need to place some climbing plants on the framework and let the plants grow along the framework. Moreover, the trailing plants are the best covered for your pergola compared to others.

Special for you who want to beautify the pergola with some plants, here are we present you 7 Beautiful Climbing Plants for Your Pergola.

1. Rambling rosie (horjasper)


Pergolas are not always made big and magnificent. In general, pergolas are just an archway in a garden. This simple pergola look better with crimson-red flowers around it.  Rambling Rosie are vigorous but simple stemmed, it's very suitable as framework covered of pergola.

2. Wisteria


Wisteria could give your pergola a splendid look, especially when it near its zenith of glorious resplendence. Wisteria has a heavenly fragrance that will impress anyone who near this beautiful plant. The leafy canopy is a perfect choice to cover the top trailing on the pergola. It will make the area beneath shady and cool.


3. Pink Bougainvillea


Turn a simple pergola into an incredible pergola, just by putting down a beautiful climbing plant around it. You can choose the pink bougainvillea to create a dreamy outdoor relaxing spaces at home. Somehow, the white framework with the pink flower look so good together. You can enjoy summer beneath this stunning pergola.

4. Crimson Glory Vine


If you are not in a hurry to make your pergola more shady with vines, you can plant climbing plants from the beginning. Just put plants that are ready to propagate on the pillars of the pergola. Oh yes, you can choose the crimson glory vine. This climbing plant is easy to grow and care for. It'll cover your pergola perfectly by producing a leafy canopy.

5. English Ivy


Ivy is a good choice vining plant to train to climb a pergola. The ivy plants have tendrils that grow along the framework. It also provides a good and lushly canopy for shade. Don't forget to trim out some tendrils once in a while, so that the pergola with climbing plants on it still looks neat and beautiful.

6. Another Wisteria 


A large and sturdy pergola look amazing with this purplish flower. It gives a splash of life to your pergola. It takes some to grow lush and dense, but the beautiful purple color will make the outdoor relaxing space look better than ever. Moreover, the fragrance create a soothing effect to anyone who smell it.

7. Climbing Roses


Rose is a special flower. It'll make the pergola garden look so beautiful. The long and flexible stem of roses are easy to train up until to the top of the pergola. A climbing rose usually flowers almost all summer, while a rambling rose flowers only once in a year, around June. So, the climbing rose is perfect for those of you who want an insanely beautiful pergola to enjoy summer.

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